Tomatoes going up 40-85% this year

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    Crow Bar

    I am expecting this to be a bad year.

    Plant them gardens!

    Unfortunately, the high today is 41 for me.
    Got another week or two before I can actually transplant/plant.

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    James Mitchner

    Not surprised.  I think I have about 15 tomato plants going now.  Plan on planting a dozen more.  But our weather is iffy.  Five days of rain and this morning and tonite is forecast to dip back into the upper 40’s.  Not tomato growing weather!

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    Josefina Arenas

    Like you, James, planted 16 tomatoes, peppers, melons, and herbs.

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    We’ve had so much rain and cool weather my tomatoes are looking a bit sad in some of my raised beds. But, some of my tomatoes in containers seems to be doing better. I’m a beginning gardener but this article makes me more determined to replant a number of them.

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    Crow Bar

    I had some tomatoes go bad, fall off the vine, and I just let them there in the raised bed.
    Surprisingly, they rotted, the seeds got pressed down into the soil by the weight of the snow, and the following late spring, they sprouted.
    What is more amazing, is not only did the catch up to the ones I started indoors weeks before, but ended up surpassing the indoor transplants!
    Nature has a way!

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      James Mitchner

      When we rake grass out of the yard we toss it onto bare spots long the driveway.  I had some of last year’s seeds in the garage.  On an impulse I pulled back some of the dead grass and tossed a few squash seeds into the pile.  They are doing better than the plants I planted in the raised beds!  I think I’ll throw some more seeds out.

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