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    I just posted an article about .22LR ammo.
    The article notes the Great .22LR Shortage.
    Many use the .22LR for training. All well and good. I do too.
    But I also found an even cheaper alternative: The Airgun.
    Dont scoff.
    Airguns do everything the .22LR does, and it does it cheaper. I can have 2000 match grade pellets delivered to my door (no hazmat fee) for about $60. And, if you get the right airgun, they are backyard friendly, i.e. quiet!
    So, you dont have to goto a range. Rather, shoot off the back porch.

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    I use a quackenbush .30 cal and a 50 cal I have dropped a moose with the 50 as well as a cape buffalo at 300 yards one shot.


    I am thinking of getting a .223 cal one for pigeon, raven and squirrel control.

    Cheaper per shot than x bow and for me more familiar handling. Plus scary quiet

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    Eventually I would like to get a big bore air rifle, likely in .45cal.
    Right now I shoot a Benji MRod in .22. Looking to mod it this year.

    I also have a IZH 46M Match Air Pistol.

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    What’s nice about the quackenbush 30 cal is you use standard caliber bullets as the projectiles. I have a 308 caliber.  I have seen a .22 air rifle drop a pigeon at 200 yards off the grain silos….. it’s was first interest in air guns for actual hunting.

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>The big bore get a set of casting dies, I use a minie ball caster with 4 cavities and lyman #2 lead. Cheap and acurate without much fouling from straight lead.</p>

    I use old batteries as source for the lead the dangers  of the arsenic can be managed by a good mask and gloves.



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