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    Matt In Oklahoma

    Most of my traps here minus rat n mouse. Keep them working for me while I do other things. The long springs are good for “dead zones” defined as any area you can’t reach with direct fire such as ditches, behind trees etc.

    Live traps have plus n minuses for game. The minus is the meat can be stressed and the plus is that in warmer weather the meat doesn’t spoil while your out doing other things.

    The perch trap can catch meals or bait.
    The gopher trap is one of those “what’s really on the menu” things. I ain’t worried bout my lawn in the apocalypse but eating.


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    Crow Bar

    I like the overall idea.

    But I took a rabbit a few years ago, it was covered in fleas and ticks. I dressed it out in the field, tossed the hide far away, washed the carcass in the brook, and immediately cooked it.

    Raising rabbits is easier. And more sanitary.

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