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    The hurricane is suppose to hit us sometime tonight or early morning. It is pouring down rain right now. I am thinking that for us as we are not in a flood zone, it won’t be to bad with this one, but with high winds we could loose lights. But we have a whole house generator so will be ok there as well. This is the last thing we need right now with the C-19 virus.

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    I can’t say about the CV bug. We just had our first death, and the person had serious health issues long before this.

    I have been in communication with friends in the Tampa and Miami areas. Both are looking at this as more of an inconvenience than anything else.

    All of these people have spent substantial time below -20f, and anything less is an inconvenience rather than a hazard.

    A lot of people don’t understand what it means to live in the Midwest or the mountains. A friend and I travelled to NC. I had more “survival” gear in the back than most of the people we encountered had total. And it served us well when we got stuck in Kansas for 4 days on the way back.

    In fact one of these people spoke of good deals coming up on hurricane supplies, as usual.

    If people aren’t willing to learn, may as well take advantage.

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    My parents live down FL way.
    They got rain and some winds but otherwise it was no biggie.

    What is left of the storm is passing through today. Mostly showers, but also cooler temps so we will take that.

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    We got one hell of a rain and wind from that , last night . All the way up in Maine .

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    According to our weather station, we got about a inch and a half of rain.
    No real winds.

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    Parts of where we live got hit with 2 tornadoes and did a lot of damage. Also in Cortland, tornado hit and did damage.  We did ok. We did loose phone, cable, and internet and just got that back this morning. A few houses in our neighborhood lost power and got that back just a while ago. Though had we lost power, we have a whole house generator. So it really wouldn’t have effected us on that.

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