Truckers warn supply chain in jeopardy

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    It’s already broken…. people this is last call before crazy sets in….


    Example lots of eggs no cartons


    Lots of milk no processing plants open


    Slaughterhouses closed or at less than 40 percent capacity


    No feed. No fertilizer no farming spare parts. No vehicle spare parts. No electrical no tires. Even if ready it’s going into uncharted territory

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    This causes pain to everyone  farmer our of business no trucking no people eating no wages for labor though mostly migrant labor force. Anyone in a service industry like restaurant most will collapse under this close down and after people won’t have $$ to luxury eat out. Few top places will always be okay but rest are up the creek.

    Now to go to truck anything to NYC or take something out is 2x the normal price same with LA and other hot spots like in Washington state.


    What they are not telling you is that truckers are getting sick…. lots of them or taking time off many older guys with not so good health. Yes they pass the dmv health check but you would need a narcolepsy  for fail.or a bad heart that will die any minute.



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    They will just have to use the National Guard or the army to drive the trucks. H**l, make those stupid big city mayors drive trucks and other politicians. If the trucks stop running all our worst fears will come to pass. TEOTWAWKI

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    I agree with both you fine gents.

    There have been articles before about what would happen if the trucking industry were to experience a disruption or the fact, many of them are older, retiring, and fewer and fewer people are willing to take up that kind of job.

    A lot of this as really shown how fragile our BAU/JIT system really is.
    I think after all of this is done (and things dont go all Mad Max), there are going to be some real changes on how we do things.

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    @CB  Agreed there must be lots of changes, but not going to hold my breath. The grass roots will have to write their congress critters, by millions to make that happen. Somebody is going to have to start that movement. Maybe Daisy can do it. She can write some mean articles. Call for her readers to send emails and letters.

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