Trump calls for $2T infrastructure bill as 'Phase 4' of coronavirus response

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    This is on top of the 2T last week! Hang on to hats folks, inflation is on the way!

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    @Log Man,
    Ya know, ya just might be right.

    But of what?

    If no one is buying big screen TVs the only I can think of that prices will go through the roof would be food.

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    @CB I was in my 20s during the 1970’s when inflation was roaring.

    Gas then was 35 to 45 cents but it shot up to over a dollar with rationing on gas.

    When I was dating my now ex-wife in 1972 we went to the movies for $5. That was for both of us, including popcorn and cokes. Went up to $5 just for admission not long after that. No idea what a movie for 2 with popcorn and drinks is today.

    The 1970s were a long time ago and I am having a difficult time remembering. Really, everything went up. At one point in like 1979 or thereabouts, mortgage rates were like 22.5%. No typo there 22.5%

    In 1972 I bought a strip down work pickup truck, no AC, vinyl bench seat, 2 doors, solid color paint job, 1/2 ton, 3 speed on the column, only a radio for $2,300.00 NEW. About 5 years earlier my dad and my granddad each bought essentially the same truck for $1,800.00 NEW.

    My family was in construction and they helped me get started in the business. The first house I build was 2300 sq ft of living area that sold for about $45,000. I made about 15% on that house.

    In the middle 1960s I was in jr high school, what they call middle school now. I walked or rode my bike 4 blocks to school most days. On the way home I frequently bought a comic book, a 10 oz coke (the big coke, lol) and a candy bar for 25 cents. I was able to get silver dollars from the bank at face value! Once they took silver out of the coins prices started to go up, or maybe prices were already going up and that’s whey the took the silver out of the coins.

    Seems like a loaf of sandwich bread was 35 cents. A can of vieanna sausage was 10 or 12 cents. Bought some a month ago for $1 a can and though it was a bargain.

    Hope this helps.

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    This is still start of the issue they can print more money to loot but if bad farm year you can’t print food.


    Last time I went to theaters for 2 of us with was $40 for popcorn and pop for 2 the tickets where on points.  now there is zero I want to pay to go.see all junk expecially the WOKE bs.


    I think we will get to weimar Germany inflation  curve it will be useful to consentrate people into mega cities lower wages to internationalet norms being paid in rations and even cashow which you spend at government/company store.







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