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    As Orange Man Bad is being unceremoniously dumped into the waste bin of history, let’s discuss a few lessons learned from our experience of the past 4 years.

    He made a pretty good executive, considering that all his initiatives were hamstrung by the opposition. But his real contribution to society has been his efforts in holding up a mirror to us in showing various frailties in human nature:

    1) Most people are suckers. They will believe anything somebody in authority tells them,

    2) The nature of those with their hands on the levers of power is petty, vindictive, tyrannical and even satanic. It has always been this way, but their actions and motivations have been laid bare for all to see, if they can understand what they just witnessed.

    Where do we go from here? In the short run it makes sense to go to ground to avoid the hysterical abuses of power coming down the pike.  But a lot of people have had their eyes opened by recent events, and I don’t expect an Internet ban to change many people’s built in suspicions that something is rotten in Denmark.

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    Crow Bar

    For me, it was like walking into a kitchen late at night, flipping on the light and watching the roaches scatter.
    We saw indications of corruption with Lois Learner denying conservative non-profits the 503 status.
    James Comey giving Clinton a pass with her home grown server and classified material.

    Witnessing the consolidation of news to 6 corporations and their bias.
    How people will just believe anything MSM tells them, and when a correcting is issued, it is buried deep and hard to find. But the masses will still believe whatever the initial report was.

    Half of the country is cheering on this purge on social media. The other half is watching in horror as this Orwellian story unfolds in front of us as reality.
    Facebook took Ron Paul’s site down! Ron Paul!
    What is next?

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    I had been meaning to get the book George Orwell 1984. As soon as it arrives, I will be reading it.

    Things look bleak now but once Biden is in office, this country will be in some big trouble. They are going to try to take out the elderly, which they are already trying to do. And they are going to control the masses. They are doing everything they can to strip us of our rights and freedom. They will destroy the constitution as we know it. This will not be socialism but communism. Take a good look at China. We will be sold out to them and that will be how we live or worst.

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    I notice the mail has gotten A LOT slower , the holidays are over .

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    It’s beyond slower. I had bills in the mailbox for 2 days and they never picked it up. I had to run down to post office to mail them. Mailman came through just a while ago and never stopped at any mailboxes. No one in our neighborhood has had mail for 2 days now.

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    I read 1984 a while back and I also happened to read Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia. Over that same year I ended up in a lot of World War 2 material and I really appreciated a book called Churchill and Orwell which was a strange pair I thought at first. I really hated 1984 but of course it is such a powerful picture it seems maybe it should be required reading. Just this year I finally read Brave New World which I also hated and Farenheit 451 which I didn’t mind so much. I’m not much of a fiction reader but I think it’s kind of incredible how these stories are essentially a play by play as the world spirals. Almost anyone would call the stories a warning I suppose but it’s not done us much good. I hated the ending to 1984 though I felt like I understood it after learning more about Orwell himself. And after these last few years I can identify with his outlook more than I care to admit.

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      Crow Bar

      I vaguely remember reading 1984 and Brave New World in school.
      I re-read 1984 while in Afghanistan. More and more does it read more like a unfolding history book than fiction.
      Will have to re-read Brave New World.

      They are not supposed to be a happy ending kinda book but warnings from men back then, and the possibilities the saw for our society.

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