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    it’s gone Zimbabwe dollar….. need to do  this to cheat every person who holds a usd  out of their envisioned earnings.   Buy what you can now dollar died some just don’t get it yet gonna be worthless soon. All part of the plan.


    Buy something tangible now while you can. Wether  it be food,beans, bandaid or silver, med supplies. Bullets already sold out.



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    Crow Bar

    I think that might be just the start.

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    I just went through a stack of papers in my “keep” pile looking for something I didn’t find. Anyway, what I did find was several barter lists. The usual barter – trade goods list. A list of Trade Goods that Could be Sold in Pill Bottles (got lots of pill bottles). A list with two columns “trade with” and “trade for”. I’ve got at least some of everything on the lists except tobacco and not much coffee (don’t drink it anyway).

    And an old Ham Radio Ready Kit list. My HF ham radio took a lightening strike some years back and I haven’t replaced it. Got my ham license and equipment as prep items. License is still good. I was never all that interested in it anyway. But a new HF set would be a way to spend some money before the prices go up much. Assuming they are available now. I haven’t checked.

    One thing that I thought about was an electric chain saw. Easier than chopping down trees for firewood. Could use manual saws to cutup after on the ground.

    I’ve got all the parts for an emergency solar power kit, but I haven’t recharged the deep cycle 12v batteries in a couple of years, so they are probably dead. I could buy a couple of those.

    I’ve got a book on barter somewhere.

    There are some good articles on TOP, just search on “barter”.

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      Crow Bar

      I think deep cycle batteries are one of those things that we should stock up on.
      A lot of them (I think all) are made overseas.
      And a good charger.

      I think a short wave radio would be good to have.
      From what I saw the Radio Battalion do, I am not sold on going full HAM.

      I know there are a bunch of people who say PMs, but I have never been keen on them. The only time money of any kind is worth something is when all your other needs (for living) are met. Till then, I am not trading a dozen eggs for a shiny piece of metal.

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      PMs are primarily a store of value. In a runaway inflation, when law and order prevail, they are a better money than paper and likely better than barter, easier for sure. In this case PMs are a hedge against the loss of value your bank accounts and your cash in hand are taking. I’m sure that PMs were much preferable to a wheelbarrow of worthless paper money during the 1923 German hyperinflation period. I’m also sure that a few gold coins worked to bribe, say an SS captain, to let a family escape Germany on a train many times during WWII. I think when bribery is called for, gold will likely work better than anything else.

      You could say that food is a store of value, in some circumstances anyway. Without law and order then I agree with Selco that skills/services, food, meds, OTC meds, etc. are better than PMs. Unless you already have sufficient quantities of these necessities in which case you could afford to take PMs. If I had say 20 lbs of tomatoes that were going to spoil in a couple days I would certainly trade for some gold and silver coins, especially if there was nothing else I needed more available for trade. Flexibility.

      There are circumstances where PMs are better than goods/services and circumstances where goods/services are better than PMs. If you can afford to have both, why not.

      See these two articles on barter by Selco.


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    Mouse Wizard

    The light he sees is the oncoming train.

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    Use of pm to balance out trades of tangibles is reasonable. If it has zero value why would certain special forces carry 10  one Oz coins with them into war zones?


    It may only buy you a bowl of rice and a phone call but what is your life worth a few coins of metal Or a few Shiney pebbles or a bit of drugs…… all have value to right person at right time. Reason those are good is many reconize there value and they are small and light yet carry great value. Problem zero change. Have traded 10L of water and 5 mre for some thing very precious.  Right time right things and you can get crazy stuff for things that allow someone to live another day or save a loved one from death.


    Been in hell holes where trading  1000 doses of amoxicillian so about $100 worth of fish meds got me 8000 carats of raw sapphires.


    I reverse for getting a shaman to heal me from advanced stage dengue fever I gave the shaman 100 acres of land with a house…. stuff is just that stuff dont get too attached you can’t take it with you.


    You don’t need to gouge people they will offer you this stuff freely because it is just stuff with life you can get more of it dead… better luck next time.


    Imagine in a few months from now what a condom will be worth. I have night terrors over things I have witnessed others do to others and how crazy desparate people /mobs get don’t ever think it can’t happen here. This virus is just the start of this hell….. I pray I am wrong but I doubt it.

    Trump will say whatever he thinks will keep people calm aND keep him in power. Just like rest of monkeys they don’t give a shirt about you. Only thing that will matter once the scope of this cataclysmic event is you and yours. Don’t expect help it’s on you and it’s show time no maybe about it.


    Again I hope I am wrong but I have the same feeling as when this type of crap has upturned my life before. Please don’t fall for the lies be ready be hyper vigilant a big change is coming adapt or perish.




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      “Use of pm to balance out trades of tangibles is reasonable.” I have a tendency to think of trade with PMs and trade with goods as mutually exclusive. Like paying cash vs cc. We Americans and other advanced nations are used to of only paying in money. Nothing says you couldn’t trade 5 lbs of tomatoes AND a few silver coins to balance out the trade.

      If you don’t already have these kinds of tools and you want to turn some money into goods as an inflation hedge, think about yard tools, mechanic tools and wood working tools. Axes, shovels, pick, mattock, hoe, sledgehammer, wood splitting wedges, rakes, gardening hand tools, hammers, wrenches, saws (I bought a new 2 person cross-cut saw for cutting up logs back in 1990 for $100, no idea what it costs now). I picked up a bunch of these at garage sales and local auctions between 2010 and 2017, when garage sales dried up around here. Be sure to buy files so that you can keep these tools sharp. Who knows,garage sales might pick back up after this is over.

      “be hyper vigilant a big change is coming adapt or perish” Big change is certainly very, very possible. I agree, adapt or perish.

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      Crow Bar

      Well said Namelus.

      I am thinking of your initial invesntment into PMs, and then, as you point out, what you may get for it.

      I once got into a intense debate about the value of PMs. The examples they kept bringing up were in times when there still was a functioning economy. There still existed ROL, and social norms. I was coming at from a total the economy is going, WROL, Benjamins were worth more as TP than currency.
      One guy insisted that he could walk up to my farm, offer me one or two of his shiny coins in exchange for the entire farm.
      I said no I would not. I have access to fresh water, the means of production of food. And I would trade him five of his shiny coins for a dozen eggs.
      He must of not liked that answer, as he was a moderator, I was banned from the site.

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