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    Rebecca Klabuhn

    Two months ago I was using an ax and unknowingly put a 1″ gash on my lower leg. I was busy working and didn’t notice until my sock was filled with blood.

    Because my house looked like a bomb exploded (moved everything for carpet install) I couldn’t find my first aid toolkit and could not stop the bleeding with pressure after 10 minutes so I looked for an alternative. I remembered hearing about turmeric to help with clotting so that is what I used. Turmeric was liberally poured into the wound and it did stop the bleeding. This might not work for a larger wound but it did the trick for me.

    I did go to the ED for a Tetnus injection. After looking at the laceration they decided to suture the wound but by the time they were ready the edges of the wound had pulled together so sutures weren’t necessary.

    For those interested in alternative medicine, as am I, perhaps this tidbit will come in handy one day.

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    Forever Preparing

    Rebecca, I was just reading about the clotting ability of turmeric a few days ago! I have several vials of the blood clotting agent on hand, which is probably some variation of turmeric anyway! Haha. I also remember the article that I read said that Cumin had similar clotting abilities!

    At any rate, I did want to support your post due to my having read similar studies and I am glad that you are OK! Axes and flesh rarely play well together! 🙂

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    I read that cayan pepper is supposed to be good for stopping bleeding. I bought 4 bottles at the grocery store. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

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    Wow – I had no idea! Good to know. My husband is on blood thinners, so I stock clotting agents but it’s always good to have more options. Thanks for passing along the “voice of experience”. Sorry you had to learn the hard way though.

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    I knew about cayenne but didn’t know about turmeric. Just make sure what you are buying is pure material, without any anti-caking stuff added to it. Anytime I buy herbs/spices in bulk I use Mountain Rose Herbs and buy by the pound.

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    If you are in the wilds and don’t have the spice collection with you spider web works. (Spiders optional, depending on the species!)

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    I’ve been trying to learn abour herbs and such for medicinal uses, and this is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this. Now to get a couple of bottles of organic turmeric. I do have an herb list to grow my own and turmeric is on it.

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    Sylvia Doh

    Hi! One doctor in India reccomended for us turmeric for bleeding as well! He said it’s very good aurvedic medicine) And I am using turmeric cream for pimples and it helps!

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    rob stef

    Never heard of turmeric but pine sap or fresh garlic work for superficial wounds. Do Not use in deep wounds though. Pine sap can cause clots in blood stream. for small cuts and scrapes it works beautifully though. Clean spider webs will work on medium cuts -but er doc might look at you funny. Tampons work really well for deep punctures. I prefer the OB bullet type , minimum space in kit  and expands to provide direct pressure inside the wound.

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