U.S. Army Patents New M4A1 Rifle Barrel

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    Note: The Battle of Wanat, and the failures of the M4 barrel were noted, had a few articles, newspapers comment on it, and then suddenly it all disappeared.

    There were reports the Army tried to prove the barrel was sound, by modifying a M4 for belt fed fire. The demonstration was halted for reasons unspecified. Other reports said they tired the same with one of the SCAR candidates (FHN or HK) at the time and it was succeeding where the M4 barrel was not.

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    Both Colt and Fightlite industries have made belt fed uppers for the AR platform.

    The only real problem with the AR platform is the heat dissipation from the chamber area. That’s what causes the cooking off. Finding a method to disseminate the heat better, or causing less heat is the challenge.

    Part two? Training. Get off the trigger, stop using the burst and FA setting. Only hits count and cranking off four or five magazines “iraqi offhand” may make you feel better, cause you’re shooting back, but it wastes ammunition. Precious ammunition.


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