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    Crow Bar


    Went to a local gun store a week or so ago for cleaning supplies.
    Only long guns in stock were lever action rifles, and mostly in .22LR. Not that any .22LR was in stock.
    There were a few bolt rifles.
    Not a semi-auto rifle to be found.

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    John Park

    News like this means I no longer look crazy, but instead come across as someone with incredible foresight LOL!

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    OldMt Woman

    LOL JohnPark.  Even anti-gun folks are seeing the light, eh?  That could play out oddly in the next months/years.  We’ve always known those who have hired security believe their security should be armed.  But the less wealthy have to do their own work.

    OldMtWoman ….time for a Reality Check!

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    Old mountain woman…  they will see the light either way… one pointed on their faces or b pointing at someone else.


    Right now stupid ammo shortage no fix till 2021 if you believe them. Even our reloading suppliers are out of many common calibers. We got last .22lr in 500 miles of us bought it all was a measly few 1000  total count. Nothing more coming at all. 410 shot gun  we use at slaughter house for killing can’t get slugs….we have enough on hand for 3 months then… well its crazy… I hate bolt guns as same projectile goes from animal to animal with brain tissue on it …. I see as a health hazard in days of mad cow, srm and prion such as chronic wasting disease.


    Whirlibird gave me this website called Paco tools. Com if you have a .22 I REALLY suggest you get the rim check the accurizer and the ats lethality tool. It’s around $$340 for a set. With a good .22 you can hit a one inch group at 100 yards consistently. For small game the lethality tool well it can drop a white tail at 100 yards with hed and neck shots with single shot. Lots of ammo is has wide differences and each gun likes a certain style. This allows you to sort and shape each round by hand. The shot gun reloads tools are well the only ones I have seen online.

    Shft a .22lr will most likely be your hunting gun of choice because quiet and cheap. Other stuff will be saved for other problems.



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    Crow Bar

    Last year, bought a brick of .22LR for semi-autos just as a . . . well, why not?

    Since then, been stocking up on .22 air gun pellets and slugs.
    But I have noted some of the large bore air gun slugs, they too are in short supply.

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    For around $200 , you can get a full auto BB gun delivered to your door . From all the reviews I have seen , they are great fun , and simulate recoil , like the original .


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      Crow Bar

      Yeah, I have seen those.

      Rather have a regulated PCP, bolt action or sidelever. More accurate, and can be used for hunting small game.

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    Casper Ship

    Good luck to all those who plan to rely on .22LR to defend their home and family.

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    Casper, There are worse things to depend upon than .22’s.

    A lot depends upon your planning. I certainly don’t want to depend on the .22 to stop at 5y. Whereas an attitude adjustment at 100-150y, that’s something different.

    Much like there are different styles and methods of surviving, each tool has several places. With a good .22 rifle I can easily keep the family fed, so long as I don’t follow the game laws. A .22 pistol if I go even further off the reservation as it were.

    I can use that same gun for defense, and while not even close to ideal, the .22 will suffice for the night, maybe more.

    When looking at the .22 for other uses, one has to limit the target to a ping pong ball size, be it a rattlesnake head, mouse or the eyeball of a bad guy.

    Next, the “shotgun effect”, where the simultaneous or nearly simultaneous impact of multiple projectiles overloads the nervous system. A load of buckshot versus @10 .22’s to the same area can give similar results, especially when the shots are delivered as close to the same time as possible.

    Having seen a deer shot with 8-10 .22’s as quickly as the trigger could work, the results were better than some full power hunting cartridges. Because the nervous system was shut down.

    Ideal? Certainly not, but effective.

    Post-SHTF most hunting will probably be “catch as catch can”, as my grandfather put it. During the Great Depression the family was kept fed by the use of a bolt action .22. The rabbit, squirrel, free range chicken or deer that was procured every couple of days meant that the family would keep eating and didn’t have to waste money on meat.

    In a Post-SHTF world, the .22 HP is lethal from infection alone. Half a dozen rounds into the gut, is a death sentence.

    A good .22 will get me to the place where I can get better. $300 will get a Ruger 10/22 carbine, another $200 in magazines and ammunition and I am fed and defended for years, versus just having a brand new empty Glock. Or the $1000+ for an empty AR.

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    Crow Bar

    Well, I dont plan on using .22LR to defend the homestead.

    But it was the training round for many for many a years.

    Secondary use is on varmints. Sometimes the pellet rifle wont do it for those surprise critter that show up unannounced, and the 10/22 has the reach and power and being semi-auto is a great help.

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