U.S. ‘Perilously Close’ to Meat Shortage After Major Plant Closes Over Coronavir

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      I grew up much too close to the “Junction”  packing house, and my in-laws too close to another.

      My big takeaway from a handful of closures, stock up now.

      At this point, I look at what has happened not so much as a conspiracy, but I don’t hesitate to plan ahead either.

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      Well ,we will have to adapt . Think about any of this as you would the home front in WW2 , with rationing . You will be ok . If you get a chance , read some of the old cook books , put out by the government , about how to stretch the ration , and substitutions . Interesting reading . You will find far more British books than American , simply because our rationing didnt last all that long , whereas theirs lasted the entire war .

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      A lot of the food waste is government regulations. You think farmers don’t want to sell.their food and hungry people don’t want to eat it?  Why cant a milk producer.go to town with tanker of milk and sell to grocery store and customers bring thier own container? Or in bulk to ice cream or  bakery….because it’s illegal to sell raw milk.


      It’s illegal to sell meat not processed in federal inspected plants. In most of the other non first world.it’s is done like this and yes a few idiots die a lot less than those who will starve because of this.  Warehouses full of eggs no packaging, and you cant reuse pacaging because of health reasons… think a person starving cares?


      We can operate our meat plant solely because one of our people is a licensed inspector which can’t go to work at plants for a month due to  covid 19. We only need them 1 day a week which is our kill day. They wear a camera to record all shift so no collusion, but we would not differ from process right now because  it helps us put out best and safest product. These large plants are the issue they need to sidestep the stupid and allow food chain to move instead of bottle neck in between con sumer and producer because of the “laws”


      We all drink raw  milk, we all eat fresh slaughter meat, we all eat eggs that are just wiped off,  we eat veggies just rinsed from garden and green house no one gets sick from this.


      You need to think about getting to know your farmer, yes some.places we would not eat from  those are all fed into big ag. All the small guys locally take extreme pride in how clean thier food is. Are you going to let some politicians tell you you have to starve or do without because they are not getting thier cut in inspections fees and some law they enacted to protect you from the scary disease and unsanitary food stuffs. The big plants  the chicken have to be run through a 5 minute dip in 10.percent bleach to reach same lol of bacteria count as mine just scalded and plucked do when testing the vent (asshole) area of the bird

      These are same politicians writing gun lwas that have no iDea  how a gun work functions or have shot one. They have private armed security that you pay for but you should be denied the same ability to protect yourself? Same guys why want to allow 5g with no current testing but all the past testing says it is harmful to humans? Same guys who want to vaccinate you manidtory because they can’t understand if you are not vaccinated only risk is to you if it worked as advertised.

      If you play by thier rules only loser will be you as they keep changing them to suit themselves and their corporate sponsors. You going to allow them to chip and track you for social distancing? Drone survey you at all times to make sure you are not violating a law which we all do daily as not even the courts know all the laws but you as a citizen should as ignorance is no defense.

      So you know all the irs laws? How about the civil laws? Bylaws? Federal crime laws? Yeah thought not me either…. but you can be charged for them even though impossible to know it all plus it keeps on getting new laws added.

      They treat us as property and slaves time to show them that that is wrong and they are the slaves to us serve under our benevolence. What do you do to a misbehaving child?



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