UAE Switches On World's Largest Solar Farm

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      Crow Bar

      I think that is impressive.

      However, look at the pic and how big it is. For 90k people.
      Now, if we tried to get the entirety of the US on wind and solar, my question is, how many sqmi of land will be required to provide the energy of everyone in the US?
      Will we be willing to cut down forests, take farm land, wild lands, all just so we can get in our electric vehicles and drive 30-40minutes to get a lattee?

      Or would we consider, gasp, cutting back on our energy consumption?

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      There is new solar stuff you can paint onto a building surface.


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      OldMt Woman

      Out here in the Southwest there are acres of “unused” land which are now being covered in solar panels.  One thing …..I look at all that glass and wind and sand ….and wonder if that is a good combination?  Sand-frosted glass will not let in as much sunlight.  Dunno.  Not my field.

      Paint?  If it works [mysteriously, to me] …it sounds real good!  I’d love for everyone to be off grid.  Eliminate wires that are forever breaking and setting off fires ’round here.  Would have to watch landscaping.  Cities with tall buildings would compete for sunlight.  Interesting.  How about a weather balloon tethered to a building…with that ‘paint’ on it?


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