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    The following is a email I sent to Daisy this morning:

    Good Morning Daisy,

    Been seeing a increase of traffic concerning the US military preparing for possible Coronavirus out break.

    While the military would/is preparing, I do not think it is a nefarious as some hint at.

    The military is going to do what it can to protect their troops to maintain a high level of readiness, or military/combat effectiveness. That is just Standard Operating Procedure.

    The US Marine Corps and the Army (cannot speak to the other branches, will ask my wife when she gets home from work today, she was active duty and is Air NG), start Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) training at boot camp (gas chamber anyone? Good times!), and have a annual NBC requirement to include full Mission Orientated Protective Posture. Imagine a full PPE suit that can keep out all Bio and Chem and some degree of Nuke protection. They are hot, sweaty, and cumbersome to work in, but they are effective.

    The military can (and appears to be doing so) to train, re-train, troops in MOPP, up, fast and in a hurry. Faster than the civilian side.

    The DoD has the largest stockpile of MOPP suits, masks of any organization.

    With proper oversight from the CDC, and operating under their charter, the military can provide the space, cots, food, logistics (generators, fuel, field hospitals etc.) and to a degree medical personnel, and security to maintain an effective quarantine.

    Just FIY.

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