US retail sales unexpectedly decline in a sign that consumer economy could be cr

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    This could snowball.  What was that old country song?  “If we make it through December….”?

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    But I have seen other reporting about “softening” consumer spending this holiday season.

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    It’s because the economic numbers are like ethnic math just made up nothing real and reflects ths dominant socio political felling of what they should be for each ethnic group.


    Plain as day people earning stolen through inflation by qe done by fed. It’s a hidden tax and when it comes home to roost things will go to a shit sandwich without bread.


    You can offer 2000 dollars a month in universal income and get nothing  for it as inflation keeps eating it away. Wait till next year and you will.hear of a part of un call imo that regulates without input or oversight emissions from fuel and makes low sulfur fuels a must, there is not enough fuel.that fits or can be made like that so they will tax it… well that does not affect me… yeah as it regulates all marine and rail transport internationally.

    Better find away to get food as a income source or make some so you won’t go on a consentration camp diet.

    Spending on holidays is a luxury which is wasteful. You know we spend more on valentine’s day than for 10 years of nasa but for what return?


    Here we make our gifts there is a draw just after the opening for next year.  Kids uner 14 get two tickets everyone else 1. This year for best friend I made him a set of new butchering knives and for the 10 year old he  likes fishing… a new rod I made from lacquered bamboo  a spinner reel from my gear and some lures hand made… as well as a invite to come make some.more with me next time I make lures.

    Ask why you are spending is it because you are doing t because you feel obligated and you can’t won’t spend time to make gifts? Too many on list? Holidays are not about the gifts I think we have forgotten’s about the family and friends spending time together. Our place has many different people who are bound by bled together. Yes there are arguments but once decision is made we all pull in same direction even if we disagree.


    There is happy banter kids and animals underfoot. Always a happy greeting when you come home. 6 people in kitchen and no one fights or argues as they are preparing for their family and every hard job is better when wor king with friends. The head chef hat passes each year to someone else who wants to.

    There are few things we buy for holidays, some of the base materials are bought or traded for but none of the final gifts.  We do pick one family each year locally that is in need and they get extra gifts and such but again made items not  bought and on Christmas eve/thanks giving and easter we all go over and give them what we have made along with food. The kids love handing out the stuff… this is what our group holds dear is caring for each other first but also the community.  The reason we change the families is we don’t want it to be expected but as a helping hand not a permanent hand out with exception of seniors for wood and food for winter but those are done with most of the community supporting that effort.


    Next year’s gift to community from us and two other groups is a senior living space with community center. We are short housing for the older farm singles and couples that we deliver wood and food to some are barely making it but have no family or place to go and dont want to leave home area. We bought the old school at auction and have been redoing it for two years now and need one more to finish it.


    For those who come in as it has 24 hour nursing care 49 beds a commercial kitchen and proper handi cap facilities on one level. Their farms if they wish can be rented for hay land on a open bid forum so they get best price.


    We have been toying with option of a lease to own on the properties so new farmers can be enticed here and the older retiring ones are taken care of. Lawyers looking into it now aNY thoughts from you all?


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