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    log man

    Some people accuse Fox News of being biased to the right. I think there is some truth to that, but I have seen only a few articles over the last 10 years that seemed a little biased to me. I have seen nothing on Fox that I would consider outright lying as you can find regularly on the rest of the MSM. I think this article might be a bit biased because while they debunk several several claims made by Biden and others against Trump they don’t mention any where the left was correct. Maybe there weren’t any such cases, I don’t know. If Fox shows bias then it is probably mostly in what they don’t say. I don’t read any MSM sites or watch their news on TV. They all just make me mad.

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    Crow Bar

    Sometimes they have very good, here are the facts articles.
    Other times not so much.
    I think Fox is generally better than other MSM, but they are still MSM.
    I used to listen to NPR, and could easily dismiss their bias. But then they went full on CNN, using impressive gold winning medal mental gymnastics to twist anything and everything into anti-Trump, with a panel of pundits to back up their bias. The way some MSM have politicized this is disgusting.

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    log man

    Hey CB. Where is everybody else? This place has almost become a conversation between the two of us. lol

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      Crow Bar

      I cannot say Log Man.
      Maybe the Covid19 info is overwhelming for some.
      And a lot of people “lurk” and dont comment.
      I would like to see more comments and insight of others as to what they think.

      It is somewhat disheartening.

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    Rich Sullivan

    they maybe busy doing this :

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      Crow Bar

      Good one Rich!
      That is one of my all time fav movies.

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    Mouse Wizard

    Hmmm.. Immediately off topic to Fox is good, left MSM is bad. Either agree or disagree.

    Not much worth commenting on there. As to the original article:

    The United States was ranked the best-prepared country in the world to handle a pandemic in late 2019 by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security (JHCHS) — an assessment seemingly at odds with claims by Democrats that the Trump administration left the country vulnerable to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

    The preps and gear are only good when activated early. Trump’s “miracle” thinking caused all those plans to not get activated until people were getting sick in his own hotels. Governors are on TV every day begging for shutdowns and supplies. One guy facepalmed behind him during one of his press meetings. So yeah, he left the country vulnerable.

    Go to YouTube and search for ‘trump “like a miracle”‘ Tons of videos. NONE from right wing sites. This is what it’s like to live inside a propaganda bubble. Gotta check both sides, folks, if you don’t like being blindsided.

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    Josefina Arenas

    Crow Bar…great links.  Thanks for sharing.


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    These are price gouging…… I bought mask n 100 before a carton of 400 for just over $400 including shipping


    Asking for 20 a n95 $132 is crazy gouge.0

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      Crow Bar

      Thank you for the heads up Namelus.

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