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    Red Carnation

    Do you save old vitamin/pill bottles?  If so, what do you save in them?

    I’m thinking matches, change, bandaids and would love to get more ideas. 🙂

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    OldMt Woman

    I would like ideas too.  I have….lots!

    I keep seeds for planting in some.


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    For fire start cotton balls with vaseline.

    FishING  bobber, keep pencil and paper with paper clip,  keep part of med kit on it, (blood clotter, super glue and topical antibiotic ) keep actual pill variety in ie  anti histamine,  pain killers, gravel,  lomitol, antibiotic pills ( first few days of a cycle of broad spectrum)  , my suture kit for ifak.


    A bigger one size of a medium asprine bottle I keep a local plasticized map and micro compass.

    One that fits 3  aaa batteries into one tight so they don’t discharge


    To id bottles I use abut 1 foot of  ductape different colors wrapped around it does not impede lid.

    They can be used to house weather sensitive chemicals like premixed thermite, powdered magnesium ect.

    They make great smoke bombs housing.

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    I keep seeds in mine too.  I keep my artists eraser in film canister- I still have a few old ones, also they make salt and pepper shakers for on the go with holes in lid.  Some diabetic test strips come in white small canister the same size as old film cannister and lid fits tightly.  You can write on it with black marking pen.

    An on the go sewing kit, match container,

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    Atypical Sapien

    I have used some to make emergency kits as gifts. Kit includes: mini lighter, birthday candles, band aids, xacto knife blade, cash, dental floss roll, antibiotic in *drinking straw, Immodium, mini key ring flashlight, safety pins, sewing needles, wet wipes. p-38 can opener, water purification tablets, rubber glove. piece of inner tube, exterior of bottle wrapped in Guerilla tape. I’m sure other items can be added, all depends on the size of the bottle..

    *Straws as storage: cut length, Squeeze one end with needle nose pliers melt shut with lighter. Fill with gel, ointment, pills, spices etc, squeeze other end and melt.

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    You can also use the altoids tins for a lot of these things as well. I have made fishing tins, sewing tins, fire starter as well as small first aid tins out of them. So many uses for both the pill bottles and the altoid tins.

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    Halle Corrine

    One idea is to hide a spare house key in it.  You put your key in the bottle and glue a rock on top of the lid.  Dig a hole in your landscaping and plant it there; it’s hidden and camouflaged, so only you know it is there.  Should you ever lock yourself out of your house, you will have a backup.

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    Red Carnation

    Halle, that is an excellent idea.  Thank you 🙂

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    I have use the pill bottles for fire starters. I use the drier lint and make a small bag to put it in coated with vasoline. Then add a few matches as well to the bottle. Makes for great fire starters for a fire pit or whatever. Also I have made sewing kits with them. Very much like the ones you see in dollar stores and such. Altoids work very well for these as well. Have used them for mini first aid kits to carry in my pocket as hubby is on blood thinners and is always getting scratched. So have to keep bandaids and such on me all the time. He has one he keeps in his pocket as well when we are out.

    There are so many uses for these. I am sure there are many more. Fishing is another one that comes to mind. Might have to make some of those up for grandson. He loves to go fishing.

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