Using 1980 calculations, inflation is now 10%

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    Look at the blue line on the bottom chart.


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    And if the adjusted what todays definition of “middle-class” was, a surprised chunk of people who think they are middle-class, would actually be upper-lower class.

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    Wait hockey stick hyperinflation coming soon. This is what happens when you just print fiat currency snd you losing world reserve currency. Way worse coming

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    I wouldnt trust anything from the 80’s . just sayin

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    I go to the grocery stores fairly often as I buy food for the Church food ministry. I keep watch on things like peanut butter and mayonnaise. Helman’s is the one we use and it went from 2.99 up to 4.99 in one store but did drop down to 4.49 as other stores set the price at that. Though one store still has it at 3.99 last time I checked there. As for peanut butter we were buying the 16 oz. jars of jiff for 99 cent not we are lucky to get it for 1.29 on sale. There are other things to watch but those are the 2 that tells a small story of how food is on the rise. Can’t answer for where we are inflation wise as I don’t know that you could compare what is happening now to 1980.  But I have not heard any true news about where that is standing now.

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