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    You have just been t-boned by a drunk you are trapped in your car and you are bleeding.
    What you going to do but die?
    Nothing absolutely nothing because you do not know how to use your die!
    Buried some where within that mass of cells currently keeping your skull from imploding is a bundle of nerves where the Relaxation response lives. It is activated by inhaling slowly a 4 count, pause, long slow exhale, pause, and keep breathing until you relax. It helps greatly to release all your emotions and fears during the exhale.
    I can hear the screams of out rage already…I’m bleeding to death and you recommend relaxing?
    Yup or you can stay excited/panicky and bleed to death faster. Faster heart rate = higher blood pressure = to you bleed to death faster.
    Relax and your heart rate and blood pressure go down…you may actually survive until the fire fighters cut you out of the wreak.
    The swelling response an automatic function which kicks in for every kind of trauma injury…a totally useless response which makes healing anything twice as difficult.
    You sprain your ankle and fall down, normal people get upset and make it worse. The trick is to stay down get comfortable and RELAX. After the initial release of anxiety and fear, you tell your self very firmly that the emergency is over, situation under control, swelling is not needed. As you sit there relaxing you will feel the pressure building, actively direct your auto repair system in draining away that pressure all the time telling your self that the emergency is over there is no need to swell.
    I was a carpenter, smashing fingers is common so are cuts, with practice you can turn swelling off in seconds and reduce blood flow massively…just by relaxing.

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    This is very interesting and makes a lot of sense, regarding the bleeding. I believe in the power of relaxation too. This same type of mindset can be used during childbirth with far better effects than any drugs you might be given.

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      I’m a guy so child birth is not an issue.
      Did you notice the title?
      The swelling part is as real as the bleeding part, as stated it’s been tested in real time on the job. Normally you wack your finger with a framing hammer and it bleeds and swells for 7 to 10 day’s. By relaxing you can reduce the swelling to zero, minimize the bleeding and have full use of your finger in two or three days…with practice.

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    Crow Bar

    Are you just bleeding?
    Or bleeding to death?
    If you are bleeding to death, at some point as blood volume decreases, a physiological mechanism in the aortic arch detects the loss and responds by increasing heart rate. Increased heart rate and falling BP is a sign and symptom of a internal bleed.
    Trying to keep calm is good. But at sometime physiology takes over.
    When I was a volunteer firefighter/EMT, be nice if everyone was calm and not screaming. But that is not reality.

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      Come on at lest pretend you can read- and you are bleeding.
      If you slashed your throat or other major blood vessel you are bleeding to death and no amount of relaxing is going to save you. Direct pressure by another person may save you.. MAY SAVE YOU.
      be nice if everyone was calm and not screaming. But that is not reality.
      You are correct the dumb animals have not been taught to do anything effective about anything. What do you expect them to do when injured?
      Take personal responsibility for their lives and act like intelligent, educated humans?

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    I read all the above. First there is something wrong with me. I don’t panic. Several times I have been in bad situations. The simple one: When the exploding 9″ cut-off wheel hit me in the face and split the lower half of my face in two like the bad guy from Predator I had to tell everyone what to do to get me to Emergency. They were all running around like chooks with their heads cut off. Get this into your heads. Panic will kill you and maybe your family. As the man says: BREATH. Tonight just before you go to sleep practice breathing. After you have made this a habit practice breathing while you think of yourself in multiple bad situations. (One at a time!) Prepare your brain and your breath in bad situations.

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      First there is something wrong with me. I don’t panic.
      Do you have military experience? Are you prone to hysterics? Do you ever have the feeling that you are a different species? I do not panic in the standard fashion and definitely have not been “normal” since birth…at home diagnosis came up with mild Autistic as the most probable.
      Tonight just before you go to sleep practice breathing
      And first thing in the morning, after coming home from work…after any really stress full encounter.
      What turning on the relaxation response does is turn off the adrenaline response. This is the standard reason for meditation and has vast health benefits if done often. Relaxing also resets your interior priority list, allowing your build in healing /regeneration system to function. It will not work “well” if you are in a state of panic or emotional distress…it may not work at all.
      Meditation and prayer if done “right” turn on the relaxation response. Simply breathing in the pattern suggested gets rid of the cultural crap and allows for extras like controlling bleeding and swelling.
      Good points, thanks for stopping by.

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    Crow Bar

    I will pretend to read when you pretend to write clearly and concisely.
    And without the hollier-than-thou, know it all attitude.

    Congratulations, you are the first to make my ignore list.
    Have a nice day.

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      I’d go to the trouble of cutting and pasting that which is already clearly shown but it would be a total waste of time because you are a standard ignorant asshole and proud of it…your shit does not stink and you are totally fucking stupid.

      know it all attitude.

      Yes I do.
      The use of the relaxation response for swelling and bleeding are both original works by me.
      The concept and description of Accumulated injuries is also an original work by me.
      The method of healing trauma injuries using your brain “not published here” is also an original work by me.
      Yup I do know it all, the only one on the planet capable of seeing the obvious.
      Have a horrible day then die slowly and very expensively…moron!

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    Hmmm I’ve mashed my fingers and hands many times and my first response is normally just a loud fook because it hurts.

    If someone is in a car accident they have much to much adrenaline to calm themselves initially. If they are severely injured they will probably be disoriented and unable to function. I think the example used is not realistic.

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      Your first point is valid, screaming something is the fastest possible way to release emotional distress, it’s generally also my first response.
      Your second point is a total waste of text.

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    @Robert_Bonsor, what about practicing your relaxing technique and think before you post insulting comments? You ended up showing that you are all what you called the other poster.

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      Can you read what is in front of you on the screen and comprehend simple sentences like…you are bleeding…or are you just another PC idiot?
      Or even worse…female.

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    You beat me to it Dark Future. I would say this whole post has been amusing, but that would be a lie.

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    Well, ladies and gents…it looks like we have our first troll.

    And if he’s not careful he’s going to have to do an awful lot of relaxing to slow down the leakage of that blood vessel he’s about to pop.🤣🤣

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    Robert is not a troll, not a successful one anyway. Trolls can bait a line and keep themselves from being banned by using intellectually dishonest agruments without breaking into abusive rants.

    Robert is displaying some form of regressive anti social behavior.

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      You are sort of correct, On this site I am not a troll…but on others I am real good at IT. I have been banned for not tolerating abject stupid such as crow bar displayed from countless site, considering the response on this site to factual data it will be a pleasure to be ban from here.
      That’s aggressive anti social behavior, since society is based on an endless supply of mindless rodents or poorly programmed dogma robots…such as crow bar…and systematic murder being anti social is the only rational response.
      Unless you LIKE being treated like a slave.

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    Man, you have some serious problems. I hope you can find help. Until them I would suggest you stay away from the internet or any other living being a part your psychiatrist.

    All of you post in this trad have insulted someone. Please go.

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      All of you post in this trad have insulted someone
      WOW the first two the ones with the valuable information which could save your life are insulting?
      You must be an america…incapable of distinguishing between a question and a statement, incapable of comprehending english your only language.
      I have a great idea, why don”t you just ignore my posts. That way you, your children and any other spawn of yours can suffer their entire lives, die horrible and expensively for the next ten thousand generations because you are too stupid too use your brain and are insulted by anything other than having your ignorant ass kissed.
      Since you have nothing intelligent to add the rest of the world would prefer not have to wade through your stupidity to get some help.

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    Take it or leave it. Swear, bitch, what ever. It’s free. Do with it what you wish. And have a nice day!

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      It’s free.
      No it is not…nothing is free not even air because it requires energy to intake and expel, which requires energy to gather, which if you do not replace causes you to die.
      This is the 21st century not the 3rd, get an update!

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    THREAD CLOSED AND USER REMOVED: Insults and troll-like behavior will not be tolerated.

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