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    Matt In Oklahoma

    I’m going to sum it up in one word: NO

    For those still with me (A) it’s ineffective. Go to YouTube and type in “wasp spray defense”. (B) it’s illegal. There a little printed phrase right on the can that says don’t use it in a manner inconsistent with what it’s supposed to be used for.
    Now are the feds gonna kick in your door, shoot your dog and flashbang the house? No but what will happen is you will get sued and they will use that against you.

    Be smart in what you post or say (or really shouldn’t be saying at all) if you do use it. You shouldn’t say anything your attorney should. Again it’s your right to hush so use it. Don’t be a jerk just don’t say anything.

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    Crow Bar

    What about bear spray?

    Granted it is still illegal to use against people, but in a life or death situation, after throwing all the pots and pans, last option.

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      Bear Spray comes with a warning FOR PEOPLE against directly spraying in eyes etc. so that says it can be used on people to me.

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    Yep, bear spray and I would not be afraid to use it in a life or death situation. I have other means as well. Taser gun or stun gun, and the pepper spray also. Wasp spray would have to be a this is all I have and I am in a life or death situation. Yes I would in that case use it in hopes of moving away from the situation fast.

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