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    Matt In Oklahoma

    Well I just found myself the proud owner of 6 Water Bricks

    My mother stayed with us during the recent power outage ice storm. I had her come in due to her age. I’m mid 50s so she’s like 36 now 😂. While she was here she took notice of my preparedness and comfort level. We had a discussion so I gave her the .35 cent grand tour and she had no idea how in depth I was.
    A few days later she tells me a friend brought up some shortcomings they’d had and water was one so she reached out to me for advice. I told her my setups but they didn’t seem to like that so I said well if your gonna drop some money then these water bricks are a good start and small enough, for the wanting to prepare lady, to move. My mom asked me why I didn’t have any of them and I said at the time I did this it was about money. I’d bought used pickle barrels which gave me more bang for the buck.
    Fast forward a week later and mom decided she wanted to help out and ordered these and called me over to her house last night to surprise me. Pretty cool

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    Crow Bar

    Very nice!

    We use 5gal buckets from TSC with lids.

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    Crowbar the buckets are also much cheaper.  Though I do have several of the blue water containers for storing water. They each hold 6 gals. Don’t have the water bricks though. I also have 2 of the round water bottles that you can buy at store that holds 5 or 6 gals. Those you pay a small return fee and get that back when you return the bottles. I just kept the bottles. The return fee at that time was about 25 cents. Not going to worry about a quarter. I only bought those during hurricane season. Now I just fill up what I have during those times.

    Matt, that is a great mom you have for buying those for you. Hope she got some for her as well.

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      She can’t handle them but we’ve stocked her up on bottles and she moved in next to my son who deep into preparedness with me as well. They are only 5 miles away so it would take a lot for me not to be able to get them.

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