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    Matt In Oklahoma

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I’ve been doing this for a few rotations now. It’s worthwhile</p>
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>https://youtu.be/BWAUeqDOMkw</p&gt;

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    Can you do this with storebought eggs as well as fresh ones? Is there any difference in longevity?

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      No it’s strictly for fresh eggs. The store ones have been washed and compromised so it won’t work.

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    Right. The “bloom” on the fresh eggs is a good protectant,  and the waterglassing helps with that. Washing eggs removes the bloom, which is why in the US, we have to store commercial eggs in the fridge, where in Europe, they’re less often washed so you can leave them on the counter.

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    OldMt Woman

    Until a year ago, we’ve always had fresh eggs and kept them in waterglass in a year-’round cool to cold basement. That part is important.  So is the difference between fresh eggs and store bought eggs.

    When COVID began we ordered some #10 cans of powdered eggs but the order was canceled.  Since giving up the poultry last year, we always bought eggs the 5 dozen packages.  [we live a ways out of town]  They stored well enough in the basement fridge.  But with the panic of shortages, we figured we could increase our stockpile by putting several dozen into our waterglass system.

    Hmmm…..you don’t have any idea as to the actual age of store bought eggs.  And as mentioned…. LOL …..INDUSTRIAL CLEANING of the eggs would play a factor too.

    Our experience showed that with our fresh eggs, they lasted 6 months without going watery.  Between 6 to nine months, they began to turn watery….but they can still be used!  Even then, some would and some would be just like fresh.  Past 9 months, you’d be kinda careful when opening but some would still be fine.

    BTW, we only put the “clean” ones in waterglass.  Ate ‘fouled’ ones immediately after washing them.  [Please do not crack open a “Farm Fresh” egg without washing….microbiology is a dirty subject and doesn’t involve rainbows and unicorn poop but actual nasty stuff!]  Nuff said.

    As to our 2020 experiment with Not Farm Fresh eggs….definitely has time limits.  We found the store eggs lasted fine for maybe 4-6 wks.  After that they were watery.  We kinda hurried to use them up….having loaded too many in the bucket for this shorter time limit.

    Remember we ALWAYS have a cool/cold basement…set bucket right on cement floor.  [Don’t do that with any other food except maybe sauerkraut.]  Very much doubt anyone would have the same results without that COLD factor.

    OldMtWoman …..report on OUR experience.  Your Mileage May Vary….

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