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    Martin Sword

    <div>Drinking pure water is a must these days. It is quite important that people are known to the fact regarding which techniques of water purifying is most suitable for them. Tap water contains many impurities which are need filtration. That is the reason why water softeners and water purifiers are necessary.</div>

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 8 months ago by  Crow Bar.
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    Yeah notice the source of article, no self severving here.

    Depends on the city you live in, on our well water we do it just in case but for years we have had amazing water.


    We do drink out of the hose.when watering animals o  hot day. Also we drink direct from surface water in local area just in case to get body used to dealing with microbes and now we have the ability to easily get treatment if sick.

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    Crow Bar

    We have drank out of our brook.
    Never got sick.

    Our well water is a bit hard, but otherwise safe.

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