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    Deen Deen

    what is the shelf life of bottled water? Can you use straw?


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    Depends on two things how sterile it was bottled any contamination and it cuts it down expecially if there is a food source pure h2o has has nothing to facilitate growth. Second what is the packaging and what is that subjected to…. plastic can decay. Glass can’t do freeze thaw cycles. Both can burst from boiling or freezing.pure sterile h2o would last forever… 99 percent of all water had been here since beginning of the planet.

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    If it is a plastic bottle, I don’t think it will go past the date to far. As plastic can leak bad stuff into the water. I have been buying it it cans for drinking long term.

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    it depends on type of plastic… the big water cooler kind are made differently from the cheap plastic of a 500ml disposable. Only bottled in glass brands I know of are Petrie and Voss. We use 1 gallon glass jugs with a leather work cover and handle for drinking water transport on farm for day use. When super cold you take a thermos, of hot stuff.

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