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    Letia Johnson

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I just ordered more paper towels.🤣 It will be a couple weeks but I still have the box I ordered.</p>

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    I am a Sam’s toilet paper and paper towel brand snob and regardless of how many packs I have. I still buy them if available when in the store and it is hit or miss if in stock.

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    I pick up a pack of TP and a pack of paper towels every time I go to the store.




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    I do the same. And now DH is going through kleenex like crazy. His yearly sinus issues and asthma acting up. So I just went on line this morning and had those set on auto deliver each month and then when I can find them in store I buy those as well. Not much of a stock on those. As for TP and PT.  I still buy it but not every time I go to store. I have backed off right now on stocking to much of anything until I can get a grip on organization and a full list of what I have. Going through the first aid and medicines now.  And I love that the drug store keeps filling DH’s synthroid for the 25 mgs he was on and also the 50mg that he is now on.  That helps a little bit for a bit of a stock up.

    Daisy, you would go nuts if you saw my stash of TP and PT.  Attic is full. Just never thought about the Kleenex.  But I am getting it stocked now. DH has never gone through that like he is this winter. He needs to get back in to see his allergist, but I have not been able to get hold of him.

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    OldMt Woman

    There had been some diminishing of our stocks and then the orders caught up again.  Didn’t really matter last spring if the order would be shipped in 2 months….we’d be fine.

    DH shopped for our elderlies and found her cherished full-sheet paper towels. Not the new half sheets.  LOL  I don’t care what they are if they are at my house to use!  We use cloth too.  I’ve found the older I get, the less picky I am on most things.  Meh…it works!  I’ve grown more adaptable.

    I could probably be caught out in that statement on certain things tho.  LOL

    OldMtWoman  😉




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    Letia Johnson

    🤣 I order every time I get paid. I’ll carry on! I see it’s actually out of stock right now!

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    Crow Bar

    We keep ahead by topping off what stock we have used up.

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    Went to a couple of grocery stores and both were out of TP and paper towels. I dont use the latter except to clean up pup barf; and I too am partial to the full sheets also.But heck, you get whats available.

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    MoreTP , I dont want to have to use the cats .

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    None of our stores have recovered since March. We purchase whatever we find, food or paper products, everytime we can find them.

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    Letia Johnson

    😳 what region are you in!

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