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      I’m curious.

      We all have our “most likely disasters” in mind for normal times. But what the US is seeing right now is anything but normal.

      What are your biggest concerns over the next month or so?


      • Not being able to get together with family for the holidays due to COVID restrictions
      • The outcome of the election causing widespread civil unrest
      • Continuing supply chain degradation
      • Another lockdown causing financial desperation
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      Crow Bar

      Mine are not far off from yours.

      My DD is going to see my parents. Our governor is now using the National Guard at airports and demanding people coming from out of state to take a COVID test, and provide like two negative results, quarantine etc.
      It is really over the top from government over reach.

      Thanksgiving has never been a real big deal for us. Actually we are having “Friendsgiving” this weekend and I am looking more forward to that then Thanksgiving.

      The election out come and possible civil unrest. But I have some other thoughts about that still mulling over.

      More lockdowns could and would affect alot of people. I think that may also cause civil unrest.

      Possible supply disruptions that could cause shortages in seeds for planting next spring. I try to keep as many seeds as I can from my own garden, but sometimes I have to order.
      Same goes for getting hogs next year.

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        Your concern about seeds is definitely valid. I have a friend who lives in a year-round growing area. People there are gardening like crazy. She went to the garden center the other day to pick something up and discovered overnight, it had closed and everything was gone. Inventory had been getting lower and lower, and finally, they just ran out. Of everything.


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      Matt In Oklahoma

      Mine is being out deer hunting when something goes down or the ballon goes up. Come are limited where I am.
      Just gotta trust the team and play catch up I guess

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      kt emr

      lockdowns again, more severe this time; not seeing family, disruption in supply chain – been getting more items to supplement; our monies disappearing (IRA, retirement, social security etc); people, animals, families suffering – no jobs, food, not being able to pay their taxes (and those will certain GO ON!), and so on….2020 will be forever known as the “unprecedented” year!!!!  I pray every day that trump finally wins another 4 yrs, cause if he’s overturned in the finals, then we’ll all be up the creek without a paddle!! never thought I’d live to see this mess, pop is turning in his grave!!!!   stay well and safe.  BTW, glad I found this site and some others, have learned a lot!!!! keep it coming!

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      kt emr

      so what to do at this point in time? hubs doesnt want to do anything with retirement accts; so every wk when I grocery shop, I pull some cash out and stash it at home.  told him before election, if biden wins, we need to notify our financial person to at least transfer to money market for safety. we did that in 2008 but not before loosing over 20,000!!! dont want to do that again. what can I do? cant even get hubs to start taking rmd out of accts.

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        KT – I suggest you make this a separate post so more people see the question. Pop it over in the Financial Preparedness forum. I bet we have some folks around here who know about investing and money – this is totally out of my wheelhouse.

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      Atypical Sapien

      I think I can handle a month of concerns. December 12th, 2020 – 30 days. Thanksgiving will be about the same. My progressive, what’s so wrong socialism sister who lives an hour and a half away and hasn’t visited her parents since Christmas won’t be involved in Thanksgiving. There is no tradition. I just filled up our second freezer and have supplies and redundancies. Weather permitting, I will be able to ride my scooter.


      My biggest concerns are related to what I am not expecting: what I can’t plan for, the black swan, the big something that isn’t on the Apocalypse Bingo Card.

      I am also concerned about the seemingly innocuous that insinuates itself into our ethos. What are we all going to be like and how are we changed after the masks come off? Will they come off? Will more of us continue to amuse ourselves to death?

      I wonder about my faith. How will it be tested? How will I react to the unexpected?

      I’ve got beans.


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      I have said it once and I will say it again. Donald Trump will win this election. It’s not over till it’s over. My reason for saying that is that God is not done with him yet. He still has plans in the making for Trump to carry out. God takes down kingdoms and he also builds them. I am keeping my faith in God that Trump will win. For anyone that hasn’t heard yet. Trump won Alaska, and N. Carolina. Georgia is now hand counting the votes and has as much as said voter fraud did take place.  Keep the faith.

      I do fear we could have more riots, civil unrest as well. Things will get worse before they get better.  I have some gold and silver set aside to pay taxes if need be. We are in a very conservative retirement. Our money is not going to loose much if any. In 2008 we did not loose anything. And hoping that doesn’t happen this time. But this time is different. if Biden does win, I don’t even want to go down that road. It would be a dark place to be.

      As for Thanksgiving and Christmas, things have already changed for us as DH is fully disabled, Daughter and son in law are moving to another state due to a promotion. Granddaughter is getting married in March and moving right down the street from us. So since daughter has to have her house ready to sell soon and is now packing and getting it ready to sell, I have ordered dinner already cooked and we are all going to be at my daughter’s house for Thanksgiving and Christmas as we are combining the two into one big holiday. No virus is going to stop us from doing what we want to do. It hasn’t yet and I’m not about to start now. I do wear mask in stores and follow their rules. But at home and with family it is business as usual.

      For some reason I am just not as worried about everything going on as I should be. Maybe it is because I stopped watching fake news and been in my Bible more and more. But whatever happens, I know I will be fine. Guess maybe I have just been so busy with DH this year I just really haven’t had a chance to sit down and really think about it.

      I am more concerned about not being able to learn some trades that I need to learn do to having no time to try them out.  As for food, I am good for at least 2 or more years without going to the store. Though I do go to store for eggs and milk. But I also have long term for that as well.

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      Rowan Redbranch

      I’m probably worried most about Trump losing and the Democrats having a field day.  I’m also worried about the effects of this second lockdown, it was bad enough the first time and was only barely starting to recover in my area.

      Not too worried about food at the moment since I have some good things stashed away, but if I have to live entirely off my preps it’ll be boring.  Still I won’t starve.  Got TP till doomsday.  I went through less than half my stock during lockdown 1 and have double the amount I started with then, if not more.  1 extra package a trip and it builds up quick, and nobody yells at you for hoarding.  I’m somewhat worried about civil unrest but fortunately am nowhere near Portland or NYC or any place like that.

      Thanksgiving will be small as always.   My heart goes out to people who are still trying to find work, or are having to work outside the home without childcare, or who greatly miss seeing their family and having large happy gatherings.   My our perseverance and creativity win the day.

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      I am just west of Portland (that Portland), within the metroplex. Things in my mostly-Conservative area are fairly status quo for now, but I do have concerns about the unrest spilling out in all directions if Trump wins the finals — I guess maybe even if he doesn’t win, to be fair, since it seems like this group will riot over anything.

      I try not to think about the potential coming issues too much, because I have a job and spouse, which are more here-and-now issues, but it is always in the back of my mind that I’m nearly at ground zero for (social unrest? civil war?), if it gets worse or fully erupts.

      I am the only prep-minded person in the household, so it’s tough not getting support when I read things like this site and grandpappy.org, and get exited about gravity-fed water filters (lots of rain here!) and worldband shortwave all-in-ones. Still, I thank heaven that we have ample food and water, because nobody can stop me buying groceries, dagnabit! 🙂 I am also thankful we both have jobs still, when I realize many don’t, and have much bigger problems than mine.

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