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    I cook from scratch, garden, can, bake, sew, mend, swap, buy clothes at yard sales (found a new nice warm winter coat with tags still on for $5, an excaliber dehydrator for $5 and a down long coat for $2).  Amazing what good things people just don’t want.  Also buy things on Craig’s list and thrift stores rather than new.   I don’t buy newest things that come down the pike.  Appliances have to wear out and not be repairable before I buy another.

    Hate wasting my time at the beauty shop so cut my own hair about 3 times out of 4 (usually early in the morning when I suddenly realize its getting too long and can’t stand it anymore) and cut DH’s hair, do my own nails (seldom).  Shop sales for groceries.  Forage when I can or go to you pick places although not many around here.

    Library is quite a distance and I like having my own books anyway.  I go to a movie about once in 10 years (to far away) and never to sports events.  Go to free concerts in the summer or when available.


    Crow Bar

    I get my old style USMC High-and-Tight hair cut, then let it grow out till it is borderline “wild, crazy hair man!” stage.  So, once every 3 or 4 months.

    I entertain friends with a homecooked meal, and we play dice, or card games.

    Layer up, rather than turn up the thermostat.  For that matter, I generally turn it down.




    Biggest savings long term cost money now, best return on investment if you own is solar energy if suitable for your area, banks will finance green incentive look for local and federal grants. Usually pays off in7-10 years life expectancy 20+. So if I told you for same amount you currently pay for electricity at today’s rate for next ten years that’s a deal if after 10th year its free for 10 plus more? What’s holding you back?

    If you have land enough try for farm status it drops your expenses by saving on taxes (property, fuel) insurance on home vehicles. Cost is time and able to produce min required to mantain status.


    The other side of frugal is more income, find what you love and either do it for others, teach it to other or write about it.


    I know you all have skills, the biggest thing is time, but think.of it this way, would you rather work at your job for hours required to pay or do.something you love to do to pay. Either way you are spending time, but you can choose how.

    Learn to barter those things for other goods and services. You can have to learn how to sell yourself and ideas. I needed lawyer for some land title changes and zoning applications with city hall petitioning.  Traded with them for meat and some equipment  time at a property they own. Most people once they try quality meat they become life long customers, the equipment is only fuel and time cost at standard charges deducted against their billable hours, both get what they want without much cost to either, a good deal for all.


    Go super bulk and repackage to sell. Go to bulk  place find out how much for biggest bagged item you need best stuff is food bit other non perashibles work.Then  go to locals find out who else needs and will buy from you.  Go to online and find producers of product buy in tons and sell in lbs usually atleast 25% margin or more.

    Cane sugar at the store $15 per 10 lb $1.50 per lb. Buy from brasil cost including shipping taxes and packaging ,50 cents a lb.  Where to find bulk? for starts alibaba, india mart, look on Internet just takes some time. If you can’t order minimums ask the big supplier who distributes for them here, you will know how much they get the stuff for so you can really bargain.


    If you have good credit you can get 30 to 90 day terms but cash or now payment always the cheapest.


    Buy bulk fuel if you are allowed to store it.  I bought a lare tank Double walled put a roof over it to slow evaporation so I can buy at cheap times of they year and use for months or up to a year. Saves 100s of dollars if you have enough space. Don’t buy new look at auctions or at bulk plants, card locks, they rent for industrial uses but after certain year they need to upgrade by law, nothing wrong with tanks. Instead of $22,000 for new 1000 gallon the cost is 1500 to 2000, some touch up paint and a pickup truck and it is home. At a 1000 gallons bulk suppliers will.sell to you delivered so just keep eye on pump prices it goes cheap you buy, or make a friend there and they call.you up when cheap. Usual cheap time is September to early October.


    Look for what your neighbors run out of and stock up, this is easier in farm country, I buy extra hay and grains and sell at this time of year, 1800 lb round bales I bought for 55 each sold for 80 now, I am cheapest in our area all I did was build a massive pole barn from scrap and logged trees off property. Hold 1000 rounds, pallets on gravel floor.

    The trick is multiple income.streams makes you more hardy in tough times, have stuff people need, not just want unless it is the last thing they will give up.


















    We try to save by scratch cooking as well. Have been doing that for years as hubby is on low salt diet with his heart problems. He won’t give up cable and netflex though. But he doesn’t have the energy to do a lot of things anymore, so he watches a lot of movies. We were keeping the heat down but this year he put it on 70 for both day and night. We used to have it on 68 during day and 64 at night. But with blood thinners and it is looking like he may be anemic as well but will find out after blood work is done. But the heat bill has still been below 200 so not complaining. We haven’t bought any clothes in well over a year. But do need to go through them as soon as I finish with the other things I am doing. Lots to down size on. We don’t eat out nor go to movies. We don’t take vacations now in over 10 years as hubby just can’t travel much now. So we are saving in several ways but could do better.  I never get my nails done and as for my hair, I get it cut about every 6 to 8 months. With my bad hand I can’t cut my hair to easy these days. Hubby gets his cut about once every 4 months. So not to bad.

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