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    I use my purse. As a woman it is what I carry all the time so it isn’t a BOB issue with the standing out in a crowd issue. Only problem is I am always wanting a bigger purse!

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    I use my purse as well as carrying a few things right on my body. I’m saving up for one of those purses called “warrior packs” from Warrior Creek. They go crossbody or around your hips, AND around your leg, too, so they hold your firearm secure. They also look great!

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    Daisy you are enabling me LOL, bags are my drug of choice <3 Dollar general had an end of season sale on insulated bags. $10 bag for $2.50 and $5 bags for $1.75, momma was happy 🙂

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    Ooooh nice! I like bags too. They always fit, whether I’m having a “skinny” day or a “not-skinny” day. 😀

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    Yes, the joys of purses 🙂

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    Atypical Sapien

    A meme that was going around a while back: “Its better to have a 30 dollar bag with 200 dollars in it than a 200 dollar bag with 30.”

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    Absolutely. My only real bag requirement is that it has to be a crossbody bag or fit around my waist. After that I am about as cheap as they come.

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    Crow Bar

    Well that is different, i.e. Warrior Creek.

    Us guys have to shelp around with back packs.

    There are some manufactures going “gray man” look. Think of a tactical pack that does not look tactical.
    Nowadays, to me it is becoming more common to see people with tactical packs. Look around at an airport and I usually see them.

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    I have a tactical type bag that I use when I have to take my youngest out for any length of time or distance away from the house. With his medical issues I have to carry a whole lot more than a purse allows and since we often ride the bus, that bag is usually strapped into an umbrella stroller. I bought mine at the sporting section of Walmart. That is my one bag that would double as a BOB for him.

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    James Mitchner

    I just don’t equate purses with BOBs.

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    “I just don’t equate purses with BOBs.”

    I’ve been wondering that too! I can see that as everyday carry stuff, but a BOB? When I think about a BOB I think about a backpack or a duffel bag.

    I would like something more than just my jeans pockets for EDC though. I suspect that backpacks wouldn’t be allowed in most stores and I ain’t carrying a purse or a belt bag. So what is a man do use? A cross-body bag seems like a good idea but I haven’t seen any that work for me. Maybe a fisherman’s vest. Any suggestions?

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      James Mitchner

      You shouldn’t require a bag for your EDC items. EDC items should always be on your person. My EDC usually includes a folding knife w/pocket clip, multi-tool or a ring of aircraft cable containing a number of small tools including a P38 can opener, all of which fits in a pocket, a micro-light, pistol and extra mag, wallet. It changes a bit time to time depending on where I’m going. Sometimes I may include an Israeli dressing and small expedient tourniquet. Edited to say cell phone.

      Recently Cheaper than Dirt offered surplus gas mask shoulder bags, two for $14. They have really come in handy for that second tier stuff that you want to just grab and go or leave in your vehicle… the items too large to fit on your person, or just extras.

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    As long as you aren’t a teenager then stores probably won’t care about you wearing a backpack. Of course, I live near a college town so backpacks are common for adults here.

    We don’t use BOBs just GHBs. Unless the house is on fire or flooded we’re staying put. There isn’t any safer place for us go.

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    Obviously, James, you don’t have to deal with women’s clothes 😉 which, if they have pockets at all, tend to be shallower and smaller than men’s pockets. There’s a reason we carry purses for our EDC stuff. Personally, I use a waistpack much of the time for EDC because I can also wear it on a plane and if we have to evac the plane, I still have my waist pack (attached to me) even though we’re not supposed to “bring any bags”.

    I also carry a backpack quite often. Not fond of purses except for “dress-up”. Backpacks distribute the weight better so I don’t end up with one shoulder going out of whack.

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      James Mitchner

      *Blushing* Yes, you are correct. I wasn’t thinking of women at all but replying to an earlier comment by No Money. I consider it important to keep your EDC items on your person, including your firearm if you carry.

      My wife was carrying her pistol in her pocket book. I didn’t like it since she could become separated from it. But not women’s slacks/jeans do not have belts, so an IWB holster wasn’t the answer. I let her try out my Smart Carry holster made from a denim material with an elastic ‘belt’ secured with Velcro to secure it around your waste BENEATH YOUR PANTS. Pistol rides in its pouch along with an extra mag down in front just above your groan area. Just one example.

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    I don’t carry a gun, but I promise you if the day comes that I do, it will not be in my purse.

    As for purses, you have a zillion different types and sizes, mine is a small bus and packed accordingly. I also have two waste packs, one with a bag and one that is basically a belt+. Depending on what I am doing I might have 1 or all three. I am the ultimate bag lady. And pockets, whatever I have to carry will have pockets because I am not going to dig 12 feet down into a purse to find my lip balm!

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    My gun is usually on my person but if I’m wearing something where it can’t be concealed, I’ll carry it in a purse before leaving home without it.

    I really want cargo pants desperately but my fashionista teenager tells me it’s a bad look for middle aged moms.

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      James Mitchner

      Maybe a Smart Carry holster is worth a look, Daisy. I’m on my second one after the first one lasted for years. Still have it. Now my wife has one, too for her Ruger LCP.


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