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    Matt In Oklahoma

    I’d posted on American Survival Guide as regular read for now though I’m liable to change that.
    I just dropped Hobby Farms though I enjoy reading it I just wasn’t getting anything outta it anymore. I get to read Men’s Fitness secondhand.

    I find myself more and more just looking at particular issues of magazines to see if I’m interested or not. Back in the day I loved Combat Handguns but it became the next 1911 monthly edition so I got bored. It seems to be that way with most.

    I’m guessing the internet has bout killed it. So what if any do y’all read?

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    Crow Bar

    Yeah, the 1911/AR15/wounder round of the month kinda killed it for me.
    Like, you I look more for if there is an article that I am really interested in reading.
    I do get the Hodgdon reloading “magazine” they put out every year, mostly for what is new in their line of powders.

    Got a few of the Recoil magazines. They seem to be a bit more honest and candid, but they are not the gun writers of the old days.

    For about 2-3 years I was getting Acres USA. But then they seemed to start re-hashing the same ideas in new articles so I stopped subscribing.

    I did have a subscription to Gun Tests. Last time I looked, they still did not accept commercial ads, so their reviews were very critical. They did not get their firearms from the manufacture, but bought them from a LGS. So they had no need or were required to give a glowing review to any given company.

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    John Park

    I read Backwoods Home Magazine, and highly recommend it.

    I also read Mother Earth News, but only save one article out of every 2 or 3 issues, so I might let it go.

    I get Field and Stream, but may also let that subscription expire.

    I recently started getting Guns & Ammo but already plan to let my subscription expire as I am not getting much out of it.

    Field & Stream and Guns and Ammo were offered at very discounted rates. Backwoods Home is pretty much the only one I really care about.

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    Crow Bar

    Yeah, there used to be something about getting a magazine in the mail, was kinda like a pleasant surprise, even though I knew it was coming.

    Books on the other hand, yeah, I buy a lot of books.
    Most recent ones: The Lyman Black Powder Handbook and reloading manual 2nd edition.
    The Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook 4th edition.
    And the Lyman Long Range Shooting Manual.

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    Atypical Sapien

    I have a rule if I don’t read the magazine from cover to cover and look forward to it’s arrival then I don’t re subscribe. As a life member of the NRA, I get American Rifleman. HOG Enthusiast for my club membership.

    A kind soul had been leaving month old issues of Guns and Ammo at my barber’s shop. He hasn’t for the past few visits – I miss it but I’m not gonna subscribe.

    Back Woods Home Magazine and Consumer Reports are the only two that have made the rule cut. I will probably pick up Self Reliance on my next re-subscribe. https://www.backwoodshome.com/shop/product/sr-bhm-one-or-two-years-subscription/

    Sportsman’s guide catalogue is on the top of the list for immediate gratification.

    Back Woods Home Magazine should be in everyone’s reading room.


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    I dont buy periodicals, mainly books from kids to advanced theory chemistry and phyics to spiritual and fiction.

    There are a few different language’s as most heee speak atleast 2 if not more.

    So far a 40 foot container with bookshelves is full (you can walk around to find books) but it is getting piles and everyone has own smaller favorites collection at thier residence.

    We have a publisher as a client and in exchamge for heavy discount on priducts we get 2 books of everything they publish a great deal.

    I am also heavy into audiobooks right now safe enough to listen to while operating equipment or doing chores. Right now book is 7 ancient military classics of china by sawyer.

    At night once a week we have a group reading by the fire after dinner… the kids are shy at first but soon enjoy attention and the listening to other read.

    Others buy a few online monthlies one i read everyonce in awhile is permies.

    Love to learn and read.

    Another thought provoking read is 200 proof that earth is not a spinning ball by eric dubay

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    Interesting book to brows , its not long , if your time is short . It somewhat explains some of the geopolitical happenings . its ” 4th generation warfare handbook ” by William Lind . Again , its a quick read , but Lind goes more into depth with the topic of 4GW in his seminars and interviews .

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      Trained for it, lived it the second half of my military career and into my law enforcement career.
      Even that is evolving rapidly.

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    Commie cop , or peace officer ?

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      Neither. not a cop nor a county politician
      I’m more of a Anti Sovereign Citizen scammers, anti gang, anti terrorism etc.

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