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    A really good one from CHS.

    A local grocery store had a “re-set,” where they re-organize everything, and shrank down selection of a number of sections.

    And, as part of the “re-set,” the deli department got new scales . . . with small LCD screens built into them, facing the customer as they wait for their order, and rolling adverts go by, all in HD!
    Then, there is that obnoxious Charmin song, that comes on every 15 minutes. Makes me want to start a bonfire in the toilet paper isle using guess who’s brand!

    The shopping carts also have advert displays on the front on both sides of the cart.

    As for digital media, I have not one, but two ad-blockers (sorry Daisy) that blocks a good 98% of adds. Does it disable some of the functions on a web-site? Sure! but I can go in and pick and choose which images, scripts, third party get to run.

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    Monetize your home smart fridge comming soon. You bathroom a reminder to buy x product. Your fire arm.


    Smart Web beamed direct to your brain pan with 5g. Clothes you wear can be e inked so they do ads. No banners yet in actual stalls son you have to listen to get a flushot tp or soap and wash water  and dry towel.


    Your eating stuff like plates and utensils don’t tell uou calories and suggest other options.   Tampons don’t have a vibrate with ad time as they fill up. It can get worse… have to be a luddite to avoid it.




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    Its just people inventing work for themselves , because they know needed technology was reached long , long ago . Remember when cars were made to last 20 years ? Now your lucky if they last five .

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