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    Valerie Stonecypher

    There’s so many in the genre I love but I’d have to say this is my favorite, from 1965:


    Interesting that Cornel Wilde was sick during the entire filming but stayed the course since his performance was so brutalizing and exhausting. He really did personally make it a survival movie.

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    no money

    The Postman wasn’t too bad, but it deviated from the book a good bit. I’m not sure I would call it my favorite. It’s just the only one I can think of right now except those Irwin Allan movies from the 1970s.

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    I tend do gravitate towards movies , that are based on true stories , although , my all time favorite zombie movie is WWZ . Defiance was good , with Daniel Craig .

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    Crow Bar

    I found a low budget movie called Blackout on Amazon prime one rainy day.
    For reasons unknown, the power goes out in a small town. Things begin to go badly.
    It was ok. I felt they tried a bit too hard on character development/relationships. Entire scenes did not add much or seemed belabored.
    But other parts had a very non-Hollywood, more realistic feel to it.
    The group of witless teens was about spot on.
    There were a few what the heck are you thinking? Like using a double barrel shotgun in a shoot out when the other guy has a number of pump actions.

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    ‘How I live now’ is a great one in my opinion.

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    I like this one, “Alone In The Wilderness”, Dick Proenneke.


    Documentary tells the story of Dick Proenneke who, in the late 1960s, built his own cabin in the wilderness at the base of the Aleutian Peninsula, in what is now Lake Clark National Park. Using color footage he shot himself, Proenneke traces how he came to this remote area, selected a homestead site and built his log cabin completely by himself. The documentary covers his first year in-country, showing his day-to-day activities and the passing of the seasons as he sought to scratch out a living alone in the wilderness.


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    Cheesey 80’s movie, The Survivalist: Jack Tillman

    One I looked around for years to find, Search and Destroy. Terrorist/viral attack.

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    Sebastion Queeg

    I really enjoyed ‘Leave No Trace’. Based on a true story of a father and daughter living under the radar in a state or national park. Realistic and full of useful information.

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    Here is a survival movie , based on a true story, I liked it .

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    Touching the void

    I like that it is true story, it’s about not giving up jo matter what.  Ice climbe falls, partner cuts rope he falls in crevase breaks legs and climbs out and back to base camp before his friends leave.

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