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    My husband works for a local recycling company that deals in paper and plastic. Before that he drove for a company that dealt with larger trash issues.

    One thing he has learned is that people give up their personal information a lot. Bank statements, hospital records, the hospitals btw don’t always shred your papers when they toss the out. Computers with all the previous owners pictures, personal contacts, everything just sitting in the dumpster.

    He found a file once of a child, sexual assult victim, in a pile ready to go to China! Her name, pictures, addresses right there. He moved the file to another section but legally there was nothing else he could do.

    He went to pick up a packer at the mall a few years ago and found hundreds of discards photos that weren’t bought or picked up from JCPenny. Newborns to seniors and all ages between.

    In our house all addresses are torn off mail and packages before they are thrown out. I just know one day I’ll miss one and he’ll be the one to see it out of the zillions of pieces cause with my luck the damn thing will be glowing lol.

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    I tear off name & address too.  I burn paper.  I can do that here.  I try to have as little garbage as possible and where I live recycling is just too far away so I take what is garbage to the dump personally..  When I was growing up we had some acres so my brother had the job of digging a garbage pit.  One day we got the idea that if we dug enough we could have a swimming pool.  Well, we have a big garbage pit.  I also take labels off medicine bottles and reuse them and burn the labels.  I have a stack of old telephone books for possible toilet paper, not to use now but maybe later.  I hate to toss what can be useable.  No, I don’t think I am a hoarder.

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    I should say we had a big garbage pit.  That was a looong time ago.

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    • Lol I have it down to one bag of plastic only every 4 months or so rest is reuse or burn paper. Nothing left In my name except passport and health care number, place is off grid so no utilities rest all in corperate names.  You want to do this to avoid government taking half at your death in taxes.
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    James Mitchner

    We recycle.  Packages, boxes, and similar shipping containers are defaced… even the bar codes… prior to taking them to recycle.  Medicine containers/bottles are also defaced.  Everything else that fits goes into the shredder.

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    Josefina Arenas

    A shredder is my go-to item for all mail with my address or any personal information.  The nice thing about shred is that it makes a nice fire lighter or we’ve even used it in our garden beds to keep weeds down!

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    Peppy P

    Excellent reminder.  I shred just about everything except in winter we toss it on the fire.  We are preparing to put everything into a trust and try to keep as much of our info as possible private.

    The man that purchased our home was in the hospital last month.  He got mad and left.  That night a carload of armed masked men show up at his house.  He was supposed to still be in the hospital.  Not likely a random act.   Your info just isn’t safe anywhere.

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