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    surre Muro

    Lately I have noticed signs going up, “No Cash Accepted”.  At first I thought it was due to Covid and PPE rationing, but employees now have gloves and still “No Cash Accepted”.  Then I heard about a penny shortage, and was told it was due to the employees who make pennies were not essential works and so they are not making pennies.  Then I heard the govt. is giving out money so fast that they no longer print it.  They do it all electronically.  But now my local retailers will not accept cash.  Is this the future?  Are we going to totally electronic purchasing whether we want to or not?  It bothers me that the dollar is no longer “legal tender for all debts”  as it says on it.  This means the cash many of us have stashed may become totally useless.  Does anyone know why they are not accepting cash and does anyone have any ideas on this?

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    Everybody here does , its preferred .

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    Was at lowes the other day.
    One check out line, cards only.
    The other, cash only. And she didnt have enough coinage to give me $0.50. So she gave me a in-store credit card for $0.50.
    I could see into her cash till: No quarters, no dimes, some nickels and pennies.

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    Same thing here where I am at. Cards accepted only and my insurance company just emailed me yesterday to let me know that cash payments would no longer be accepted. This has me extremely concerned. What do we do? Any suggestions? Ideas? For when we do go cashless, because it’s coming whether we like it or not, unfortunately and it’s already affecting businesses such as flea markets, small mom and pops stores, and personal transactions between people that do contract work.

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    I have seen this here as well. I was going to cash in my change, but something keeps telling me to hold on to it a bit longer. Seems that the US Mint that makes coins is shut down due to the C-19.  So they are not making coins now. Don’t know if that is true or not but is what I have been hearing.

    If I do decide to cash my coins in, I  will take it to DH’s cousin’s market and sell it to them. I know they would love to have it.

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    Working part time in a C-store, we have been hard up for certain change, quarters mostly.
    Pennies and nickels, no problem.
    Rolled up my change bucket and took it in, considering that it is mostly what I have picked up off the floors, I cannot complain about what was there.

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