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    Went through the drawers of my sewing machine table. What a mess. All cleaned up now and only my sewing things are in them. Hubby still fussing over me moving my sewing machine to dining room. We don’t use it or the living room. So he will get over it. Just getting that out of this multi use bedroom has made a big difference. And it is under a window so I win. More light to see by.

    After reading about vandalia and what is going on over there really makes me wonder about what I am getting rid of. If something like that was to happen here with those so called cards that you must have to buy and sell as China is doing this as well. We just might need those clothes and some other things we are trying to get packed up and gone. Starting to wonder if I need to rethink some things over again as from what the Bible says we don’t want those cards. Just another step closer to the mark. So much to get done before the garden gets started. I am really pushing the limit to get things done. And getting so tired trying to push those limits but must get it done.


    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    We also have a lot of books.

    Hubby was a biology/ecology professor and he has all of the “high brow” books that only another professor would like to read.  It is really tough getting him to see that they should be passed on; or even recycled because there is probably more current research.

    Then there is me, Sigh. I craft.  I have crafting books that I bought 50 years ago.  I don’t need them.  I have sewing patterns for clothes that I made 50 years go.  They do not fit.  I tried ribbon crafting; That did not get far, so those books, and the ribbons are in a pile to take to…somewhere.  I am keeping the beads, but not the books on beading. I cannot get rid of fabric scraps.  They might come in handy for mending, or using as an accent piece. Or perhaps even a quilt.  I am managing to organize my yarn and work on some of the sewing projects that have piled up.  I am trying to mend something every day before I sew something new.

    Plus we like to travel and get out in nature.  We have travel guides and books, maps, animal/flower guides about each state and national park.  There is more current literature. I keep thinking I will learn one of the languages we have books and tapes for.  Really?  I choice of 5.

    I am tempted to get a second Kindle.  I’d like to have one with the serious and important items like business/financial/personal documents, recipes, prep articles, etc.; and another one for just books/ novels.  I’d like to get some Kindle subscriptions and archives for favorite magazines, such as Backwoods Home, and give away the years of magazines.

    Our house was built and added on to over the years.  There was a window in the dining room.  When the new room next to it became a kitchen, the window was just fitted with sheetrock and shelves and now holds my cook books in the window frame and depression.  Way too many.  So, I take one here, and another there, to add to the growing pile of donate.  As someone else here said, I will never eat all of that food.  Especially since, as a senior, and we should be cutting down on that amount of food we eat.

    Little by little!  We live in a small town, 30 minutes at least from anyplace that will accept donations.  I make a pile, and wait for us to travel somewhere.

    We are eliminating papers though.  Decades of saved documents. And I an finding clothes that no longer have the “KonMari Spark”.  They are washed, and added to the piles.

    Time to go fill another bag of unwanted Stuff.






    OldmtWoman, I also have both the nook and the kindle. I like the kindle best as I can find lots of free books to read. As for EMP. I keep my kindle and nook in an EMP bag. I only have it plugged in when it needs charging. The bags are not that cheap but they are affordable when it is something you really want to be able to use in an EMP situation. Please Lord don’t let that ever happen. You could also take a good grade of tin foil and keep them rapped up in that for protection. You need to double and triple the foil though. Maybe make a pouch for it.

    Cinnnamon Grammy, I also keep my scrap material. As you say, that will come in handy for quilts and even a patch here and there on clothes one day.

    The decluttering is not as easy as I thought it would be but am getting there. The worst of it will be the shed that I bought a year ago to dump the attic and put it all in that shed. So this spring I will need to work on that. I did get rid of some things from the attic but have things that need to go but with hubby out of the picture. Some things like old coats that he has not worn since I have known him almost 36 years ago. He will not part with that stuff. But got them out of closet and up in attic and now in shed. He has not mentioned them in years. So while he is at market this spring cooking collards for them. I am going to get rid of them. Sometimes I have to do what I have to do. I also have tomato boxes of books out there. I think it is about 12 or 14 boxes of them. So they will go as well. I will go through to make sure of what I am getting rid of as I think I have some medical books I really do need to keep. The only book I really need now is a new PDR or the Phy. drug reference book. Mine is very old and new drugs are coming out all the time. That book is not cheap but going to try to find a good sale on one. I have had to reference a drug many times. My doc. hates that I do that and I just tell him it’s for our protection. If a drug has been on market less than 5 years we do not take it and doc has to find an older drug. Most drugs that have been on market less than five years will a lot of times get recalled for one reason or another.

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