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    This is not a sewing thread per se, and if you want to discuss sewing, the sewing thread is the better place to start.

    What is mending? It is similar to sewing, but it’s a subset of the skills you use in sewing to repair. I think most people don’t mend and don’t know how any more because clothes have gotten so cheap. You can see this when you look at vintage sewing ephemera on Etsy, for example; lots of ‘mending wool’, or thread for mending woollen things. Today, you’d probably use wooly nylon thread or pure wool if you could find it to match to mend hand-knit socks, but probably not much else in your sock drawer. Necessity might make it something you do, but I wager most people toss out rather than mend and continue to use if they have a choice.

    Different rips and tears require different techniques; darning (mending) a sock uses a woven-in-place patch, while a tear in the knee in a pair of jeans might need another piece of material added to reinforce the torn area. How you deal with these differences requires some practice, so use tears and holes now to gain it.

    Why mend? The particular item needing mending might be hard to replace due to economic circumstances or be of sentimental value. Or, it might just need a spot reinforced, like the heel of a sock and have plenty of wear left. Tossing out clothing might have to be a thing of the past someday for whatever reason, and getting the most wear out of garments, sheets, towels and the like is financially prudent as well as preparation for times of need.

    Here’s a tutorial on how to darn a sock

    Here’s a tutorial on how to mend jeans

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    Sweet and thank you. I got several pair of work pants of my husband’s that need zippers replaced.

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    Mending can also be used to reinforce or personalize second hand clothing.  Add different colors of stitches,  adding subtle or dramatic designs, adding pieces to change size or shape…..many of these ideas can all fall into the mending categories.  Just some ideas to keep in mind about fixing and repairing clothes.

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      Crow Bar

      I have heard that the Scots tribes used to have a knit or weave for each clan to distinguish themselves.

      Good idea of how to personalize your clothing.

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