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    Casper Ship

    This is prompted by Daisy’s article today, about the creepy perils of doorbell cameras. I want to install a home security system. But I don’t want indoor cameras or microphones linked to the internet. and I REALLY don’t want any system that requires connection to any device like Alexa or Echo!

    What I do want is a really loud alarm, that hopefully will cause intruders to leave before they have time to discover or access my valuables. Notification to my phone is necessary. And I’d consider having a third party Monitoring Service.

    Since almost nobody (including me) has true, hard wired “landline” phone service, intrusion notification via internet will be necessary. But I want to minimize internet transmission of details. Is this possible in this day and age? Anyone have suggestions or recommendations? Thanks!

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    Hi, Caspar! Sorry for the delayed reply – lots going on this week.

    You’re right, if it’s going to your phone, there’ll be internet involved.

    A friend of mine years ago had a system set up with a camera that came on when the door was opened. It immediately called his phone and he could watch whatever was going on in his house. (This was during a bitter divorce and custody battle.)  We actually watched his mother in law plant something in his home from 3 states away. Of course, back then, we weren’t so worried about cameras inside our homes.

    There has to be some kind of intrusion alarm that can link to a cell phone number.

    This Simplisafe one seems pretty well encrypted. It might be worth checking out.



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    Hard today to get the old kind but it can  be found, you can use old cameras that are wired to record only to a hidden dvd burner. And here old fashion pager set up for notification,  won’t tell you what went wrong just that a something did.


    A dog, not fool proof but most thieves will move on till more desparate times. Poison proof your animal, food/water only in one place, dog gets sick watch out.


    Can add visible deterants thorny rose bush under windo,  decorative bars, steel doors, a few black domes that look like cameras,  if rural a car chime once someone drives up you road, one they can hear. Signs warning of attack dog with your dog barking.


    If you know local gang and hobo markers you can place appropriate markings to deter the local low lifes.


    Can use a glitter bomb on packages outside, a dumby package they steal and goes bòom with sparkles,  you can see on you tube, if legal in your area thieves will avoid unless you flash something super high value as who wants to try a booby trapped house.




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      Casper Ship

      Thanks Daisy. I’ve heard about the Simplisafe system, and will have to investigate that. Not particularly concerned about cameras inside “if” they’re not real time online.

      Thanks Namelus. We’re already deploying some of the non-digital countermeasures you mention…..others too. Seriously considering installing “decorative” window bars. Haven’t done that yet, because it sort of calls attention to one’s house: possibly implying that “there’s stuff in there worth stealing.” But if I can find a really low profile design, will probably do that, because they’re definitely effective.


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    James Mitchner

    We have used a Simplsafe system for over a year and are very pleased with it.  We have entry alarms on all the doors that ‘ding’ whenever they are opened which is handy having a three -year old Grandson running loose in the house. We have broken glass detectors in each room, a Simplisafe smoke detector in addition to the ones already in the house (which are not monitored, but the Simplisafe one is) and a panic alarm in the master bedroom.  The monthly cost for professional monitoring of the system is $14.99.  There is a siren capability that you can set yourself for loudness using the USB remote that comes with the system.

    Back to the camera.  Its set up on a shelf in our den and captures 90% of that room.  Even though it is not monitored or recorded, using the Simplisafe app I can assess it from anywhere on my phone and watch real time video.  I can also access whether the system is active or not and times it was activated or deactivated.  Once again, for additional cost you can operate your system remotely.

    We have been happy with the system as well as our motion detecting driveway alarms.

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      Casper Ship

      James, That sounds like what I have in mind. Glad to hear that you’ve had it for over a year without finding any major faults. Thanks for the review!

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    James Mitchner

    One last thing regarding the camera.  We unplug it when we are home.  We really only use it during the times we are away, like vacation or trips.  Although the video isn’t being recorded, one tip may be to lay something a thief would be hard to pass up out in plain sight of the camera.  (I had an old inoperable revolver)  If you notice that its gone there may be something going amiss. The system does have a battery back-up should a power interruption occur.

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    I have been looking at the simpesafe for a bit ourselves but never heard of anyone using it. So thank you for your post on this. It really helps. We have been looking into ways to harden our doors and windows. There is a film I heard you can get that will keep someone from breaking your windows and if they do crack the glass it won’t go all over the room. But very pricey. It is something like the bullet proof safety film they have out on internet. But I don’t think this one is bulletproof. It just keeps someone from breaking the glass or makes it harder to break. I really would need to check on it if I can find the site again. If I decided to get it, I could only buy for one window at a time. We have 13 windows and a sliding glass door. All of these need to be hardened.

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