Wise Food just gave the govt info on 100K buyers

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    Ummm…what the heck?

    Wow. Are you still paranoid if they’re actually watching you?




    I thought something like this was going on but never could get much info on it. That tell’s a lot about wise. I had bought some from them to try but on a trial bases. We have used that on a camping trip about 3 or 4 years ago. Guess the government has me on their watch list now. Nothing surprises me anymore where our government is concerned. Thank you Daisy for the info.



    Much as we all like to think that what we do is secret, hush-hush, and anonymous, life isn’t so.

    Yea you are on a list, probably many lists. Sales receipts, mailing lists, catalogs, and much more.

    The question is, what are you going to do about it?

    Cash only? Send everything to someone/somewhere else? Erase your digital fingerprint from the web?

    What are you truly worried about? Eating after a natural disaster or the .Gov taking your dehydrated strawberries? One is possible, the other probable.



    OldMt Woman

    Well yeah but …….WE’RE ALL BACKPACKING CAMPERS, right?  So we need this CAMPING/BACKPACKING food.

    OldMtWoman  …..doing a LOT of backpacking at my age and ability…yup!


    Halle Corrine

    I can’t help but wonder if the plaintiffs were a stage.  What survivalist in their right mind would sue a food storage company over that?  That is like shooting yourself in the foot.



    Camping is something we do in summer. My daughter and son in law have a camper that sleeps 10. So yes we need that type of food to cook over our camp fires. Figure we can’t fight what is going on in this world and we are tied to the government in so many different ways, from banking to the use of those cards to get us sell prices on items we buy in stores. They keep records on everything we purchase now. I have been wondering if not using those MTV, kroger, gas cards and all the rest of the perks that saves us money is worth it as they track all of it. We are being watched on more ways than people know. Cameras are everywhere now. Even on the light signals. They say are for catching red light runners. Yeah right that one doesn’t stop them around here. They speed and run the lights all the time. You really have to be careful driving around here in some areas. Traffic is bad. My grandson was on way to pick up a friend and the speed limit was 45. A car was speeding and driving crazy. He hit another car that put them in ditch. Grandson didn’t get hit but the flying glass hit is windshield and put a good scratch on it. Just glad he was paying attention and saw what that car was doing. Wonder if the cameras caught that.


    James Mitchner

    A bit late for anyone to be too concerned about the possibility, and even the likelihood, of being subject to tracking by the feds over time in a number of personal activities.

    I read the article.  It seems as if Wise Foods may be guilty of fraud.  You don’t have to have eaten the food and suffered negative consequences in order for a fraud to have occurred.  They sold a product that was not as advertised and apparently knew it.  That’s fraud.

    I am commented in the past to check very closely what the daily calorie total is on these type storage foods.  Most only provide what is a slow starvation diet over the long term if they are the only food consumed.  Most hover around 1200 to 1500 calories per day.  Not nearly enough even without the physical and mental stress of a long-term event.  A single MRE provides in excess of 3000 calories.

    I may have participated in one of the Wise Food 72-hr emergency kit sales events offering significant savings, I can’t remember for certain.  Seems to me that Wise Foods deserved their punishment.  I could care less about records being handed over. I occasionally purchase emergency supplies, including food, so I will not be a burden to very over-worked emergency response organizations who are better available to help those really in need.

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