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    I’m looking forward to reading/participating on some of the topics here! Becoming more self-reliant is very important to me (and the family). One thing I want to learn how to do is be more self-sufficient in terms of food. I tend to kill everything green which isn’t helpful. I want to figure out how to do well with planting veggies/fruit/grain/whatever. But all the categories here look interesting! Thanks for developing/running this forum!

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    Welcome! I love you username.

    Gardening is so hard. We produce a lot, but even after more than a decade, it is amazing how many ways mother nature can turn against you.

    If you haven’t already, and you are in the U.S., I highly suggest getting in touch with your local extension office. Dollar for dollar I’d say the extension office gives taxpayers the most bang for their buck. Localized information on gardening in your area is so helpful! They also offer classes throughout the year that are cheap and great.

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      Thank you HomesteadingMama (love your name also). I appreciate the suggestion. I will definitely need to look into that.

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    Welcome, Xena. Homesteading Mama took the words right out of my mouth (or my fingertips?) Your local extension office is not only a gold mine, but it’s area-specific, so you’ll get the tips that work with YOUR pests and YOUR climate.

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