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    Crow Bar

    It is an advertisement for the author’s book, disguised as an NYT Opinion piece.

    All he really says in the NYT piece is spending,

    . . . about $370 million a year to bring the rest of the world up to the same level of volcanic monitoring that the United States has, which would lessen the chance of being surprised by a supereruption and thus reduce the potential death toll.

    He never goes on to say how to reduce the potential death toll.
    What? We move everyone out of the area to the coasts?
    And based off the other reports by more scientific minds, computer models, graphs and charts, it is a lot more than just those few states surrounding Yellowstone.

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    Dan the Old Guy

    Hey CrowBar, you are right, it is a lot more than a few states.  When the news is on, watch how the jet stream flows from West to East and loops down south before coming back north; now imagine ash being carried that whole route.  Not only will people have to deal with hot ash in the short run and cool ash in the long run, but the sky will darken with it and it will get cold.  We will be praying for global warming if that happens.  Not sure which if any plants can survive being buried in ash.  Keep in mind that caustic lye for soap is made from ash, so it ain’t harmless.  West Coast might be ok with the wind patterns as they are from the ashes, but will still get cold for at least a year.  Yellowstone caldera blowing is a world changer.

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    Crow Bar

    The one article I read, had a graphic that showed parts of the ash bloom also going West (IIRC as a result of the eruption, and not weather/wind patterns). Like most of Eastern CA was under the heavy ash fall.
    But you are right, this would be a global affecting climate change event.

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    If it goes in one boom there are estimates that I could shift earths orbit by few degrees…. that would change alot on the planet…. maybe earth is finally pissed at us vermin and will shake us off…not like the planet has not survived several resets.

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