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    My entire life of reading books instead of hanging out at Sonic with the cool kids there has been one thing I wanted.

    And now, as of the 15th, I have it at our new rental.


    Ok, it isn’t actually a room but you could stash some valuables there. And I love how easy it appears to make.

    There is what looks like a wall with brackets and shelves in front of it. You move the shelves and pull on one of the brackets, and a little door swings open.

    I can’t even express how happy I am with my new ammo stash.

    What would you put in a secret room or cubby hole?

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    Laura Umphenour

    That’s awesome!

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    Doodie Dodger

    I would put a little bit of everything in there. A firearm and ammo, some food and water and a first aid kit. If your house was robbed and your preps were gone, I would want a little of everything needed to survive in there.

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    That’s a great plan, Doodie!

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    Modern Refugee

    I’m a rat by nature. I have things stashed everywhere. The best hiding places are in plain sight. As far as stuff to put in a secret room, all manner of things.

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    Congratulations!! That is so cool! Not sure what I’d put in a secret room, fun the think about though.

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    Depending of your other personal settings and situation around you (surroundings, possible event, number of people in house, your biggest worry, size of your secret room etc etc) i would follow Doodie Dodger “philosophy”.

    So, I would try to follow most important “pilars” when I think about what to put in, I would try to cover fields from: Fire, shelter, defence, signalling&communication,water,food, defense.

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    That’s like the coolest thing you can have in a house! Congrats! I would stash a duplicate go bag, boots, clothes, coins and food. Super small food like survival bars, nuts, and a camel back. Plus water in bottles or jug depending on size of the space.

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    I love it! Always wanted a secret room!

    I would stash, like most others, the basic necessities. A go-bag with 5-year shelf-life water, freeze-dried food, light-sticks (no batteries needed), etc.

    If you’re storing any clothing, keep in mind that sizes (for most women at least) change over time, so put in stuff that’s going to work at your skinniest (if you lost weight after disaster) and your fattest (maybe disaster happens after you’ve been binge-eating for the winter and you’re on your monthly bloat). Maybe sweatpants with ties, or pants with button tabs to loosen or tighten the waist… Don’t forget winter-weight layers, as well as socks, undies and good walking shoes you’ve actually “broken in”. And a foot care kit. And consider keeping a walking cane there in case of injury. A medkit would be useful too, with an emphasis on stopping bleeding and handling sprained/broken limbs (think athletic wrap and splinting materials).

    And, of course, a backup gun (and ammo and extra magazines and range kit for the gun) properly prepped for storage (gun grease…) I might consider a revolver here, since it might be more likely to handle neglect. If there’s room and you have the resources, include a long gun as well. I would also include some junk silver coins.

    I would avoid anything that needed rotation – like nuts (can go rancid) or medications or anything needing batteries. I’m thinking “out of sight, out of mind” is likely to happen here; as excited as you are about your secret room now, life happens and whatever you put there isn’t going to get regular rotation. So I would only put what can handle storage for 5 years of neglect and still be useful.

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    Great ideas, everyone. This is so exciting!

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    A secret room is so awesome! I’d personally squirrel away things I don’t want found by snoopers coming into my house — whether of the “invited relatives” variety or the “uninvited intruder” variety. Plus emergency cash and exactly what Tenacity above mentioned.

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    I would pick out the dozen most useful prepper books and put a duplicate copy of those in the secret room, inside a couple of baggies. I think I might put some of my meds in there too.

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    Red Carnation

    Daisy, I’m so excited for you!

    In a secret room, I’d put seasonal things such as warm blankets, gloves, scarves, sweaters, etc. in the winter. A way to stay warm/cook would be another one with plenty of food! A thermal cooker would be really good too. I use mine every week now, but an extra one in there would be great.

    The idea of a copy of all your books in there sounds perfect. You make it so affordable with the pdf versions.

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    Oh Daisy! How exciting for you! We don’t have a place like that in our home but our house is something of a rabbit warren. We have 3 levels with NO “open floor plan” that is so popular now. We have numerous spots through the house that have small stashes of things that might be needed if we had a home invasion or if we just needed to bug out in a hurry.

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    Halle Corrine

    How cool is that?!  A secret room is on my Dream House list too.  Did you build it yourself?  Where did you find the buidling instructions?  I must admit that I follow Murphy Door on Instagram, and I drool every time I see their posts.

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    I didn’t build it – it was just a lovely surprise we found when checking the place out. 🙂


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