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    What did you accomplish with regard to preparedness in 2019? Did you learn any new skills? Make advances on your stockpiles? Meet the challenge when something happened this year?

    Share your victories here!

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    By asking questions here I learned about using oxygen absorbers when storing food in 5 gal buckets. I also was told that its ok to put packages of food, like flour, sugar, salt, corn meal, pasta, all types of beans, in the mylar bag in their original sack or bag. I also discovered, to my surprise, that you can only get 30 pounds, or so, of stuff into a 5 gal bucket using the original containers. I learned you can get more in the bucket using 4 and 5 pound bags rather than larger 10 pound bags. I also learned to fill in the cracks using 1 and 2 pound bags of beans. I was told that it was not necessary to punch pin holes in bags as the oxygen can make its way out without doing so. I’m not so sure about that with sacks of beans. Some of those plastic bags seem pretty substantial to me.  I’ve filled about 12 buckets this year.

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    Crow Bar

    Did some more drying and curing of various things.

    The garden, well, somethings did well, others not so much.

    Working on my wood working skills. That is coming along a lot better.

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    Josefina Arenas

    Tried a new tomato variety in the garden–Granaderos, which are plentiful, meaty and make wonderful sauces and soups.  I’m sold on this variety.  Pickled a bumper crop of jalapeños and used some of my precious gardening space for flowers, which brought joy!  Looking at planting more nutrient dense vegetables next year (like kale and broccoli) and will plant some semi-dwarf fruit frees.  Stashed about 10, 5 gal. pails of wheat berries, beans, and rice (some with dried cilantro to make gallo pinto).  I grew weary of canning, so made liqueur out of plums and apricots and gave it as gifts. Added a few chicks to the flock and grew our small flock of goats.

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    2019 was almost a bust prepping wise.

    Learned more about what not to do than the opposite.
    But it definitely stiffened my/our resolve to succeed at various things.

    The greenhouse for example, some serious method/material changes this year.

    And some changes to the food storage/pantry are in the works. Early planning stages for the moment.

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    OldMt Woman

    DH and I are at the age of downsizing….which comes with some sadness.  However survival means you have to be able to HANDLE all your stuff on a daily basis.  The relief from downsizing certain things formerly key to our survival….is worth the sadness.  🙁   We still must fill in the vacancies in preps that the downsizing has created.  Working on that.

    Have continued to walk….when I can; as far as I can and still get back.  Cuz….round trips are necessary— LOL  It has been encouraging.  Deep snow is not encouraging.

    After the Sept Challenges, I made some minor adaptions and am fairly confident in a lot of areas.  I’m STILL making some greater adjustments to the bag I call BOB.  I have various miniBOBs….or situation-specific BOBs.  But focus on the REAL BOB, with attached mini hip pack for severe RipNRun situation where I might have to dump REAL BOB.  That is nearly sorted.  ……. If I could get other things to stop jumping up in IMMEDIATE PRIORITY…I could certainly finish it off now.  All modifications have been purchased/received…like MiniSawyers. I find it quite difficult to work against my PACK-EVERYTHING nature.  Hmph!

    Of course there are actually TWO of these REAL BOBs….for myself and DH.  I haven’t even LOOKED at the GHB that rides in DH’s vehicle.  Boots and snowsuit need to be in there for this season….   Not even sure where it is???

    Some progress but never enough energy to follow thru to completion.  And…without a constant battle, DISORDER wins.  Hmph!  It seems like 2019 was more that battle than progress in some ways.

    OLDMtWoman …don’t mind me; I’m cranky and discouraged right now.

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    Well, the garden was not very productive this year, but did get some canning done. Just not the amount I usually do. I started taking down the Christmas decorations the day after Christmas, then went to lowe’s as they had a big sale on plastic containers. So went through all the decorations and repacked them so would take less room in shed. Moved the extra hot water tank to the garden shed after getting that cleaned out. Yes there is a story behind all this.  Started moving cardboard boxes from the middle of the shed floor and under the shelve.  Guess what I found? I have been collecting all kinds of things for a SHTF situation for a number of years. I have several boxes that I forgot about.  I have at least 10 or 15 life straws. Several flashlights. solar chargers, cooking gear.  All kinds of things like that. compasses, radios, Not sure just what is in all the boxes yet. Extra parts for my berkey water filter.

    Early this year I took all the newspaper I had and made newspaper logs, made firestarters with the dryer lint.  Found a couple of back packs in shed that I am going to use for a second set of BOB’s.

    Trying to down size and get rid of a lot of stuff to make room in shed for the things I will really need. Between taken care of DH and trying to get all this done won’t be easy, but I am determend to get it done.

    Went through clothes both in spring and early fall and gave away box loads of old clothes and shoes I could no longer wear.

    DH’s health is not going to get any better I’m afraid as he has cong. heart failure. There is nothing we can do but keep him comfortable. We are watching his water intake, BP, weight gain for amount of fluid he is holding, etc. Last night was a scary night for me. DH got in the bed and lost his breath which he does when he is very swollen from the fluid. Instead of calling me for help, he tried to bend over to get shoes and socks off and then couldn’t get his pants off his feet. He had them tangled. Don’t know how he did that. But in the process of all that he lost his breath and turned grey. I was about to take him to ER, but once I got him in bed and raised the feet and head of bed, he started to settle down and could breath easier. Then his color came back. Though it was 3 am before I went to bed. I think this is going to be a way of life for us going into 20/20. We will deal with it one day at a time. Today he is doing much better. So I got a lot done as it was 78* outside today. Had to take advantage of getting into the sheds at that high temp. Oh yes, I have a very large solar panel that I forgot about. I bought that about 3 or 4 years ago. Going to have to figure out how to hook it up before I really need it. I want to add to that panel as soon as I can.

    So this year has not been as productive as other years, but want to try for new skills next year as time permits. With all the doctor appts and test DH is having to go through. It will not leave me a lot of time for new skills. But I am going to try to learn a couple of things as I can.

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    Busy year veggies and potatoes did poorly too much rain. We have changed how we are covering and draining land.


    More sea cans 7 of them for storage… more food more gear more everything.


    Rented a plastisizing photo copier  re did all manuals and portant stuff in multi copy.


    Got new house foundation partially done to much rain to finish.


    More fencing 1.5 km of wire mesh topped with barbed.


    New gate and funneling swales and plantings done.


    Bought a excavator and dump truck to help on farm.

    Bought more land it was a pre death deal with neighbour.

    Got water rights upgraded and added to the grandfather of original instead of a new claim. Original is over 60 years old before that no such thing in our area.


    Bought new greenhouse materials to extend the complex to more than enough for us.


    Bought and sold  genetics for beef and pork. Two of our cows are to give birth to calves this spring so will know then if cow genes we bought worked out. If so we will have our first a2a2 and double muscled beef next year. It’s a game changer for us if it works.

    Root cellar additions…. now have a  wine a cheese and whiskey cellar. Put in our first set of 3 year old stich whiskey in sherry barrels and some rye whiskey in  oak barrels. Will be years till we try.







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