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    James Mitchner

    …. and they’re not keeping it secret!

    Odd how so many of us have voluntarily chose to use a gadget that makes it easy to track us, eavesdrop on us, even watch us 24/7/365 and never really even think about it.  When I had to upgrade from my old trusty flip-phone because the batteries were no longer available I knew I had crossed some threshold that would compromise my privacy.  I am just now beginning to understand to what degree, and its spooky.  I no longer have a land-line in the house.  We all have cell phones and in touch with the entire globe at the push of a few clicks.

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    OldMt Woman

    {eye balls wide}  Yeah…in very general terms….I’m high in the Rockies….  Too high/remote for cell towers to be economically feasible.  DH and I use one not-iphone between us…usually he’s the one in town and only turns it on if HE’S making a call.  Sure is handy for emergencies like we’ve been having tho.  Use for his business during certain times of the year.  But I’m not sure if there are any downloaded apps on it.  Will be checking.

    I scrolled down the first page [out of 777???] of that list.  Had no idea there were so many games and such.  I had one game on an iPod …when it worked.  Hasn’t been charged up in years.  I don’t like seeing sites I’ve just viewed popping up on my laptop tho.  Yet….it is the price for having ‘free’ services and sites.  Do wish they’d stop POPPING IN AND OUT.  That drives my brain crazy and I’m likely to close the page QUICKLY!  Isn’t “POPPING and FLASHING”  aversive…and therefore anti-productive to their advertising cause?  Perhaps just me.

    Thanks for the data, Daisy.

    OldMtWoman..yeah, not my real name 😉

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