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    A recent post had me thinking about the YouTube channels that I subscribe to and wondering what channels the other people here subscribe to.

    Who/what do you watch?

    I’ll post mine in a bit.

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    I watch Steve Cioccolanti, Jan Markell, anything that deals with how to can different foods, You tube on sewing for new things to make. That’s about all I can think of right now.

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    katzcradul comes to mind right now.  There are others.  I usually don’t subscribe.

    I stumbled onto 2cellos- very good.  You can just see how much they love their music.  I have to get away from prepping once in a while.  I have watched eattheweeds and intended to get back to it as I like to do that.  More later as I think of them.

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    I didn’t really mean ‘get away from it’.  Just do something different for enjoyment.

    There is a site great for dehydrating too.

    I keep getting an error message that says “slow down; you move too fast”   ?????

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    woodsrunne  I would love to know about the site for dehydrating. Please let us know what the name of the site is.

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    Sorry my list is going to be another day, but heres a couple of dehydrated food channels that are on the list.

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    Little Sister, Whirlibird just put it on.  Its called Dehydratetostore.  I just looked at it and its the same woman doing the video.

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    Casper Ship

    My attention span is too short to watch anything more than six minutes long. 🙂

    So I  just watch music vids, cranked Real Loud, to get psyched while exercising. Usually get hooked on one or two  fave artists, and watch their playlists till I wear them out.

    Right now, I’m all about country rockers Dierks Bently, and Gretchen Wilson (circa ten years ago.)….also totally into 90s Grunge Band, GARBAGE, fronted by crazy Shirley Manson.

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    My new you-tube channel is how to dehydrate foods.Thank you Whirlibird. That is a very informative site. I will learn a great deal on that.

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    Okay, here is a partial list of the channels that I hit a lot.

    No rhyme or reason to the order. A couple I actually download the podcast and listen at work rather than being tethered to a data stream.


    Prepared Suburbanite

    Prepper Princess

    Living Free in Tennessee

    Great Depression Cooking


    Linda’s Pantry

    Lisa Bedford (Survival mom)

    In the Rabbit Hole (urban survival podcast)



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    Whirlibird. Those are some good ones. Looking like I am going to have some new ones to add to my list later. I did forget I have been following the rabbit hole or urban survival as well as Survival mom. Just haven’t been on since before Thanksgiving as I have been so busy. Those others look interesting. Will check them out when I have more time.

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